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Over 18 million
Unique Visitors Every Month1
1 Omniture data for KBB.com desktop and mobile average monthly visitors from Jan 2014 through Mar 2014
“Kelley Blue Book” is the most searched auto brand on Google!2
Most Used
Automotive Site
Among New Car Shoppers3
2 2013 YTD January – July 2013, Google Insights. Note: spellings are auto-corrected effective 2012
3 2013 Automotive Buyer Influence Study, R.L. Polk & Co.
Harris Award

Online Auto Shopping Brand of the Year

KBB.com has earned this distinction for 3 consecutive years

*KBB.com received the highest numerical Equity Score among online auto shopping brands included in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Harris Poll EquiTrend® Study, which is based on opinions of U.S. consumers ages 15 and over, surveyed between January and February of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Your opinion may differ. “Highest Ranked” was determined by a pure ranking of a sample of online auto shopping brands.

Active & Engaged Shoppers

KBB.com is one of the top resources buyers use during the shopping process. Our audience is actively in-market, determining what their current car is worth, what cars best meet their needs and what they should pay for their next car.

  • 7 in 10 visitors on KBB.com are actively engaged in researching and pricing vehicles4
  • 6 in 10 visitors on KBB.com plan to buy within 2 months5
  • KBB.com provides over 290 million car values every year6
  • Over 76 million trade-in reports were generated on KBB.com6
4 Kelley Blue Book Online Shopper Study, 2012
5 Kelley Blue Book Combined User Study, 2012
6 Omniture site data for KBB.com from Sept 2012 – August 2013
Dealers Report that:
90% of consumers use a
Kelley Blue Book® Trade-in Value7
80% of consumers use a
Kelley Blue Book® Suggested Retail Value7
7 Kelley Blue Book Dealer Valuations Study, May-June 2012

The gateway to your dealership

Over one-third

Of Visitors To A Dealer Website,
Went To KBB.com or Autotrader First8

THESE Shoppers Are:
  • Viewing more inventory on your website
  • Exploring more of your dealerships pages
  • Staying on the site two times longer8
8 Autotrader Digital Audience Analysis, October 2012
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