Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Listings Module

Promote your Certified Pre-Owned vehicles/program with our unique marketing opportunity

Ad Size: 540x250, 300x250

Ad Serving: First Party (540x250), Third Party (300x250)

The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Listings Module provides OEMs with a unique marketing opportunity along the Used Car and CPO path pages to promote their Certified Pre-Owned vehicles/program.

When listings are available, the Certified Pre-Owned Listings Module presents three models for consideration. The module carousels allowing the user to view more vehicles. A prominent call to action button clicks through to the OEM’s Classifieds page on KBB.

If listings are not available, different creative appears that reinforces the brand’s CPO program and calls out three competitive advantages that differentiate the program from competitors. This version also has a button that clicks through to the OEM’s Classifieds page.

Certified Pre-Owned Listings Module is enhanced with a presence on the year make-model trim page and has an updated visual design.

Adaptive Responsive Solution