Mobile Compare & Consider - 2019

Breaks through ad clutter, capturing undecided shoppers early and growing consideration for your new model.

Ad Size:
Entry point: 300 x 50 MMA
Compare & Consider LP ad unit: 300 x 50 MMA

Ad Serving:
Entry point ad unit: site-served
Custom Compare landing page w/ MMA ad unit: site-served, agency tracking tags optional, or third-party

Mobile Compare & Consider includes:

Entry point

  • 300 x 50 MMA that runs throughout the mobile site, featuring the model name and a call to action to “Compare Now”
  • Clicks to the “custom compare landing page”

Compare landing page

  • Features the advertiser’s vehicle beside two competing models
  • Favorable comparison criteria and competing models are suggested by KBB’s editorial team
  • Advertiser provided 300 x 50 MMA clicks to the mobile new-car vehicle details page