Trade-Up to a New Car (TUNC)

Your model, a logical choice

How It Works

Sponsored presence in a dedicated site-tool that shoppers utilize to consider their next vehicle

  • Target in-market owners with a relevant, native shopping tool that introduces vehicles they could trade up to
  • Sponsored message clicks out to OEM site
  • Additional featured models displayed along with estimated monthly payments for each featured model


Ad Size Custom
Ad Serving Site-served, agency tracking tags optional
Advertising Opportunity National, Tier 1
Audience Auto Shoppers (All Intents), Owners, Owners (LF), Segment Shoppers
Ad Type Custom
Platform Cross-devices, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Marketing Objectives Data, Lower-Funnel Activities, Segment Leadership
Program Goals Frequency, In-Market, In-Market Shoppers, Integrated, Lower-Funnel
Availability 2020, 2019

Adaptive Responsive Solution