Programmatic Open Auction

An automated channel for brand safe advertisers to reach an automotive audience

How It Works

Non-guaranteed inventory. On demand inventory/buying. Campaign management/trafficking supported on buy-side.

  • Inventory prices are realized in real time through auction dynamics with any publishers and advertisers. Price floors are set and advertisers in the exchange have the ability to bid in the Cox Auto bidding environment. Highest Bid wins the impression
  • Non-guaranteed inventory with CPM floors
  • Data opportunity on buy-side only

Leverage multiple tech integrations including: Google AdX, Pubmatic, Amazon, OpenX

Pricing: CPM Floors

OEM Slides


Ad Size Standard Ad Units: 300x250, 300x50, 320x50, 320x85, 728x90, Video
Ad Serving Third Party
Advertising Opportunity Auto-Related, National, Regional
Audience Auto Shoppers -Target Specific Audience Behaviors, Cars For Sale
Ad Type Display, Standard IAB
Platform Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Marketing Objectives Audience Targeting
Program Goals Audience Targeting, Awareness, Custom Segments, In-Market Reach, In-Market Shoppers
Availability 2019

Ad Specs

Last updated: June 25, 2019

Business Rules

Last updated: June 25, 2019

Note: Does not serve on our Ad Book ad server.

KBB Inventory is available on Google Ad Exchange using private auctions.

Do not sell on pages that have a block list.

Private deal: anything direct goes first.

  1. Direct
  2. Preferred: need to develop marketplace
  3. Private
  4. Open

Info about Programmatic —

6 Stages to Selling Programmatic Offerings:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Knowledge
  3. Pitching
  4. Proposing
  5. Closing/Launching
  6. Optimizing/Upselling

Top-line On-Boarding Requirements:

  • Must have own seat on exchange or work with a demand side platform (DSP) that has a seat on the exchange
  • Must have an ad server
  • Must provide with technical contact to assist with troubleshooting
  • Must provide list of potential advertisers so we’re able to approve creative

Programmatic Open Auction:

  • Method to transact inventory in a non-guaranteed auction environment
  • Automation and efficiencies gained on buy side (advertiser) and sell side (publisher): set up, trafficking, etc.
  • Transactions happen in real time-do not require avails/forecasting
  • Advertisers outside of existing relationships (Approved list of categories white-listed)
  • Billing/invoicing managed by vendors

Data infused private auction deals leverage combined Autotrader/KBB audience segments from Adobe Audience Manager (AAM).  No Personalized Shopper Profiles.

Autotrader/KBB audience segments from Adobe Audience Manager include:

  • Std: Body Style: Car
  • Std: Body Style: Convertible
  • Std: Body Style: Coupe
  • Std: Body Style: Crossover
  • Std: Body Style: Hatchback
  • Std: Body Style: Sedan
  • Std: Body Style: SUV
  • Std: Body Style: Truck
  • Std: Body Style: Van
  • Std: Body Style: Wagon
  • Std: Body Style: Luxury Car
  • Std: Body Style: Luxury SUV
  • Std: Body Style: Luxury Car & SUV
  • Std: Body Style: Compact SUV / CUV
  • Std: Body Style: Compact Car
  • Std: Body Style: Midsize Car
  • Std: Body Style: Midsize SUV / CUV
  • Std: Body Style: Fullsize Car
  • Std: Body Style: Fullsize SUV / CUV
  • Std: Body Style: Convertible: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Coupe: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Hatchback: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Sedan: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Truck: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Van: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Wagon: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Crossover: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Luxury: Used
  • Std: Body Style: Hybrid/Electric: Used
Also Known As Real-Time Bidding
Primary Ad Product Point of Contact Unassigned, reach out to Ad Product Team
Funnel Lower Funnel
Upper Funnel
Supersection Used
SKU n/a
Platform Desktop
Advertiser National

Model vehicle detail pages (VDPs)

Segments Custom segments available
Duration Flexible
Ad Type Conquest non-exclusive: less than 100% of available impressions
Geography National
Ad Serving Third Party
Ad Size

The following sizes apply:

  • 300x250
  • 300x50
  • 320x50
  • 728x90
  • Pre-roll video
  • 472x250
  • 305x225
  • 300x100, Agency-supplied vehicle image and copy

Does not serve on our Ad Book ad server.

Lead Time Real time
AB+ Pre-defined
Ad Book Product Name
Ad Book Product Name Upgrade
Ad Priority Standard 12
Bundling Requirements None
Block List Applies? Yes
Advertiser Priority Order None
Collapse When Unsold? No