Programmatic Private Auction

Campaigns that are not guaranteed and combine the power of automation with Cox Auto’s first-party data to monetize “premium inventory”

Ad Size: 472x250, 300x50, 305x225, 300x100, 300x50

Ad Serving: Site served, Third Party

  • An invitation only auction environment leveraging existing Sales relationships with a selected amount of advertisers. Deals are facilitated and executed by Cox Automotive.
  • Leverage multiple tech integrations
  • Vendors TripleLift and AppNexus
  • On demand inventory/buying
  • Non-guaranteed inventory with CPM floors
  • Campaign Management/Trafficking and creative implementation  supported on buy side
  • Cox Automotive Audience data/targeting opportunities (Adobe Audience Manager audience data)

Custom placements include: Shopping Tools Module, Owners Text Link, Owners Native Sponsored Content Module, Interior Spotlights, Toolbar