Quick Links - 2019

Boosts make and model consideration among millions of KBB in-market shoppers early in their search process through this exclusive integration with their primary research task – Search by Make or Model

Ad Size:
Shoppers HP & Car Values HP
Make: 15 characters max, Model: 17 characters max
Cars for Sale
Make: 17 characters max, Model: 17 characters max

Ad Serving: Site-served, agency tracking tags optional

Just below KBB’s “Make” and “Model” search modules, blue links specify advertiser’s chosen make and model as examples – prompting user to click on the links in lieu of selecting their own.

Links take users directly to KBB make and model research pages, except for Cars for Sale.

Note: Cars for Sale Quick Links: “Make” leads to KBB’s model overview page “Model” links to KBB’s Vehicle Cars for Sale page.

Adaptive Responsive Solution