Quick Links - 2019

Boosts make and model consideration among millions of KBB in-market shoppers early in their search process through this exclusive integration with their primary research task – Search by Make or Model

How It Works

Just below KBB’s “Make” and “Model” search modules, blue links specify advertiser’s chosen make and model as examples – prompting user to click on the links in lieu of selecting their own.

Links take users directly to KBB make and model research pages, except for Cars for Sale.

Note: Cars for Sale Quick Links: “Make” leads to KBB’s model overview page “Model” links to KBB’s Vehicle Cars for Sale page.


Ad Size
Shoppers HP & Car Values HP
Make: 15 characters max, Model: 17 characters max
Cars for Sale
Make: 17 characters max, Model: 17 characters max
Ad Serving Site-served, agency tracking tags optional
Advertising Opportunity National
Audience Auto Shoppers (All Intents), Cars For Sale, Competitors Shoppers, New Car And CPO Considerers, New Car Auto Shoppers, Owners, Used Car Shoppers
Ad Type Custom
Platform Cross-devices, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Placements Car Values Home, Cars for Sale Home, New Car Home
Marketing Objectives Consideration, Drive Traffic to KBB.com Model Details, New Car Make And Model Consideration
Program Goals Always-on, Integrated, Upper-Funnel
Availability 2019

Adaptive Responsive Solution