Section Sponsorships - 2019

High volume pages reaching auto shoppers as they initiate make/model research; ideal opportunity for your brand or model message

Ad Size: 728x90 with an optional 970x250 Billboard Upgrade, 300x250

Ad Serving: Third Party

728×90 and/or 300×250 sponsorships are fixed position display units featuring advertiser’s creative on the latest news and new car segment pages by defined segments. Option to upgrade the 728×90 to a 970×250 Billboard Upgrade (970×90 or 970×66 collapsed)

Clicks-through to OEM site.

Section Sponsorships – New Car Shoppers, Owners, Car Values and Used Car Shoppers (Available 4 weeks prior to live date if unsold to National)

  • Sizes Available:  728 x 90 and 300 x 250
  • Flight timeframes –
    • Weekly: New Car Shoppers, Owners, and Car Values
    • 1 month: Used Car