Section Spotlights - 2019

Spotlights give OEM’s the added credibility of a KBB native look while providing an effective research tool to auto shoppers

How It Works

The Section Spotlights are positioned on the right rail with three ad slots. Each advertiser rotates position within the module upon page refresh.

KBB-produced with Agency-supplied vehicle image and copy.

Advertiser may purchase all three positions and launch a unified message with the option for video (contact Ad Production).


Ad Size 300x100, KBB-produced Agency-supplied vehicle image and copy
Ad Serving Third Party/disclaimer version is site served
Advertising Opportunity National
Audience In-market Auto Shoppers - New Car, New Car Auto Shoppers, Undecided In-Market Shoppers
Ad Type Display
Platform Desktop, Tablet
Placements Car Values Home, Shoppers Home
Marketing Objectives Awareness, New Car Make And Model Consideration, New Model Launch
Program Goals Always-on, Cross-Platform, Custom, High-Impact, Immersive, Sponsorship (Fixed-Position), Takeover
Availability 2019