Shopper Consideration Package - 2019

Influences undecided segment shoppers to consider your model with advertising contextually relevant to their interests

Ad Size: Roll-together: 728x90 (desktop/tablet), 300x250 (cross-devices), 300x50/320x50 (mobile), Add-ons with delivery reconciled separately: Trade-In Evaluator 300x330, 300x100, Shopping Tools Module 472x250/300x250

Ad Serving: Third Party

Targets audience segments for brand retention, conquest, and shoppers segment with impressions rotating adjacent to relevant sub-segment (impression-based)

Targeting includes by segment (Desktop/Tablet): editorial; segment; new & owners model.  By segment (Mobile): all intents

Roll-together inventory reconciliation: 728×90 (desktop/tablet), 300×250 (cross-devices), 300×50/320×50 (mobile)

Add-ons with delivery reconciled separately:

a) Upgrade 300×250 on Owners pricing pages to the Trade-In Evaluator 300×330

b) Interior Spotlights 300×100

c) Shopping Tools Module 472×250, Smartphone Consideration Module 300×250