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Shopping Tools Module/ Smartphone Consideration Module

Convert your model’s consideration into shopping and grow interest in your model from competitors

How It Works

Now available for all devices. Hyperlinks click-through to OEM site. Templated unit is KBB.com produced and requires agency images, copy, URLs, and tags.

Shopping Tools Module (desktop/tablet)

  • Features advertiser’s model.
  • Retention ads feature hyperlinks to shopping activities (Original STM template).
  • Conquest ads feature competitive advantage (Direct Compare template) or 3 reasons to consider (General Compare template) designed to add the model to consumers’ consideration set.

The Smartphone Consideration Module 

  • Provides OEMs with a unique, cost-efficient opportunity to capture relevant shoppers by injecting a car model along the path to politely disrupt the site experience and influence an undecided  consumer.
  • The Smartphone Consideration Module presents a model for consideration and contains up to four links near the bottom of the module, each one a call-to-action that drives leads by linking to OEM’s desired destination page.


Ad Size
custom 472x250 (desktop/tablet) and/or 300x250 (mobile), KBB.com-produced
Ad Serving Site-served, agency tracking tags optional
Advertising Opportunity National
Audience New Car Shoppers, Owners
Ad Type Custom
Platform Cross-devices, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Marketing Objectives Conquest, Consideration, Conversion, Retention
Program Goals Blunt The Competition, Compare, Integrated, Lower-Funnel, Native
Availability 2020, 2019