Trade-In Evaluator - 2019

The Trade-In Evaluator package raises awareness of vehicle benefits and ensures maximum relevancy with personalized calculation that drives action.

Ad Size:
Path pages: 300x250
Hub pricing pages: 300x330 or 300x600 (Tier 1 only)

Ad Serving:
Path: Third Party, Hub: Site-served

Upon completion of Trade-In Value process, a dynamic rectangle ad pulls the KBB Trade-In Value for the visitor’s vehicle. This dynamically updates based on user’s mileage and model inputs. The Trade-In Evaluator generates the price that shoppers could potentially pay for the advertised vehicle after they trade-in their vehicle to a dealership.

Trade-In Evaluator is bundled with the medium rectangle units down the path.

There are two different sizes for Trade-In Evaluator, either 300×330 or 300×600. The smaller unit would be used for a simpler experience and the larger one, which includes financing options, would be used for more engagement from the user.