Trade-In Evaluator

The Trade-In Evaluator package raises awareness of vehicle benefits and ensures maximum relevancy with personalized calculation that drives action.

How It Works

Upon completion of Trade-In Value process, a dynamic rectangle ad pulls the KBB Trade-In Value for the visitor’s vehicle. This dynamically updates based on user’s mileage and model inputs. The Trade-In Evaluator generates the price that shoppers could potentially pay for the advertised vehicle after they trade-in their vehicle to a dealership.

Trade-In Evaluator is bundled with the medium rectangle units down the path.

There are two different sizes for Trade-In Evaluator, either 300×330 or 300×600. The smaller unit would be used for a simpler experience and the larger one, which includes financing options, would be used for more engagement from the user.


Ad Size
Path pages: 300x250
Hub pricing pages: 300x330 or 300x600 (Tier 1 only)
Ad Serving
Path: Third Party, Hub: Site-served
Advertising Opportunity National, Tier 1
Audience Auto Shoppers (All Intents), Owners, Owners (LF), Segment Shoppers, Undecided Shoppers
Ad Type Custom
Platform Desktop, Tablet
Marketing Objectives Awareness, Consideration, New Model Affordability, New Model Awareness, New Model Consideration
Program Goals Data-Infused, Lower-Funnel
Availability 2020, 2019