Together, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book connect and convert marketing into sales better than anyone else in the industry

Cox Automotive shopping sites reach nearly 2 in 3 new vehicle buyers, providing incremental reach to OEMs

Third-party websites/apps used to research & shop

New, among AIUs

or Autotrader
visited or Autotrader
& not an OEM site

Advertising on Cox Automotive influences key phases along the consumer buyer journey, down to the dealer level

Case Study

Cross-site awareness campaign on Autotrader &

research vehicle pricing
lift in model share of
research activities on
lift in model share of
shopping activities on
Inventory Sales
Inventory Sales
lift in model share of
inventory searches on Autotrader
Vehicle Detail Pageviews
Vehicle Detail Pageviews
lift in model share of
VDPs on Autotrader
Dealer VDPs
Dealer VDPs
lift in model volume of
VDPs on dealer sites

Are you ready to change your brand's trajectory in 2020?

Focusing solely on lower-funnel conversions does not change behavior.

What do shoppers want?

Trusted and unbiased opinions

Trusted and
unbiased opinions

Expert Reviews

Industry, consumer
and expert reviews

Research and compare models

The opportunity to RESEARCH
and COMPARE models

Third-Party sites are viewed as trusted and unbiased

They have an unbiased opinion and have a larger amount of information and different types of cars and brands.

Every brand is at your fingertips. You don’t have to go from site to site, which is tedious.

It's more reliable, trustworthy and neutral. A dealer's website or manufacturer's website is not going to be as truthful or willing to share everything with the customer since their goal is a profit. The automotive shopping websites don't have a real motive to be untruthful.

The ARC Program is your new way forward if you are looking for QUALITY, RELEVANCE, and INFLUENCE with PROVEN ROI

What the ARC Program Offers

Brand Influence

Editorial content and tools from Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. Premier Partnership status.

Increased Consideration

Monthly guarantees around New Car Content visits for core models.

Increased Shopping

Taking share from competitive conquest shoppers.

Increased VDPs

VDPs specifically with digital retailing to encourage more online transactions.


Proven increase in dealer activity and proven incremental sales.

Ready to learn more about the ARC Program?

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