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Grow your service business with 24/7 service department marketing on KBB.com.

Capture more service customers with Featured Auto Repair Center

See how KBB.com’s Service & Repair Guide connects service shoppers with dealership service centers they can trust. As a Featured Auto Repair Center, your dealership can increase fixed operations revenue and keep service bays full with simple, cost-effective 24/7 service marketing.

24/7 service department advertising built to drive service revenue and appointments

Increase fixed ops revenue

Drive fixed operations revenue growth by advertising your service department to local consumers searching for auto repair centers for your make(s) on KBB.com.

Grow service market share for less

Meet new service customers where they are with always-on, cost-effective service advertising that’s integrated with Xtime Schedule or your CRM.

Improve the customer experience

Meet consumers’ need for more transparency while building greater confidence and trust through association with the #1 most trusted third-party automotive brand: Kelley Blue Book. ?



How it works

Service & Repair Guide

When owners visit the Service & Repair Guide on KBB.com, they’ll get personalized recommendations such as maintenance schedules, most common services and recall information for their vehicle.

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Kelley Blue Book® Fair Repair Range

The Kelley Blue Book® Fair Repair Range gives consumers a reasonable estimate of what they can expect to pay to have their vehicle serviced or repaired while eliminating negative perceptions that dealership service pricing is higher than independent shops.

battery replacement Fair Repair Range pricing on KBB.com

A better service experience

Access to customer reviews, service promotions and available service scheduling actions helps Kelley Blue Book® Featured Auto Repair Center dealers deliver a positive service experience from the start.

dealer details on Featured Auto Repair Center Dealer Card

Consumers trust Kelley Blue Book,
so they’ll trust your dealership

consumers seek service and repair guidance on KBB.com’s Auto Repair Guide each month. ?
Recall checks each month on KBB.com.?
Dealer Card engagements with the option to schedule service online or by phone. ?

Compare service advertising packages

Featured Auto Repair Center dealership shown in Service & Repair Center on KBB.com from mobile phone

Featured Auto Repair Center

Your dealership listed within the Auto Repair Center listings on KBB.com with the ability for consumers to schedule service online or through phone with your dealership.

Premium Auto Repair Center dealership shown on KBB.com on mobile

Premium Auto Repair Center

Get top placement for your make within the Auto Repair Center listings on KBB.com. Your listing will include enhanced merchandising features, showcasing your service department amenities and current promotions. Plus, the ability for consumers to schedule service online or through phone with your dealership.

Honda dealership shown as highlighted service department for Honda owners on Repair Pricing page

Premium Auto Repair Center with Alpha

Be the first dealership service-ready consumers see when searching for trusted Auto Repair Centers on KBB.com. Includes all Premium Auto Repair Center features. Plus, the ability to claim brand-exclusive placement of your listing on KBB.com within your area.

Integrated with Xtime Schedule, VinSolutions and other CRMs

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