Instant Cash Offer Mobile App Now Available!

Participating Dealers are now able to generate new and review existing Kelley Blue BookSM Instant Cash Offers more quickly and easily than ever before!

The new mobile app boasts several key enhancements:

  • Simplified interface with time-saving features for a more streamlined trade-in process.
  • All-new design provides a cleaner, more intuitive user experience.
  • Integration of the Price Advisor allows shoppers to easily see how the Instant Cash Offer aligns with the Kelley Blue Book® Trade In Range.
  • Enhanced functionality allows for a smooth, interactive user experience.

The Mobile App for the Kelley Blue BookSM Instant Cash Offer (renamed “Dealer ICO Tool” in the Apple store) is available exclusively on the iOS (Apple) platform and is available for immediate download!

Introducing Our Vehicle Purchase Program

Another advantage of being an Instant Cash Offer Participating Dealer

We are excited to announce new integrations between the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer and our Private Seller Ad program to bring additional traffic to your dealership. This new consumer opportunity is called the Vehicle Purchase Program.

The Instant Cash Offer option will be displayed prominently throughout the Private Seller Ad purchase process. While placing their ad, Consumers will be presented the option to run an Instant Cash Offer on their vehicle, and via email communications after their ad is live.

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Working the Program

for Maximum Success

  • Run every trade through the Instant Cash Offer process
  • Invite the customer to be a part of the Instant Cash Offer appraisal
  • Merchandise your Official Dealer status on signage around your store
  • Prominently promote your Official Dealer status and links to the Instant Cash Offer from your online advertising and dealer website

Manage Trade-In Value Expectations by:

  • Providing a reality check on the true condition of your customer's vehicle
  • Establishing how much dealers are willing to pay for it within the current marketplace
  • Keeping inventory acquisitions at a price point that allows for reconditioning and marketing/advertising investments needed to successfully retail the vehicles on your lot

Instant Cash Offer Also Builds in an Exit Strategy for Trade-In Acquisitions by:

  • Establishing a baseline for capital inventory investment and healthier profit margins
  • Providing the options to ground the vehicle and liquidate it though traditional auctions for the full Instant Cash Offer amount, sell it to a wholesaler, or resell it on your lot
  • Mitigating risk

Drive Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Customers to Your Dealership Now!

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* Not all features of the Program are available in all territories.