Vehicle Valuator Plus

Vehicle Valuator Plus gives you the ability to provide consumers with an Instant Cash Offer for their current vehicle. Instant Cash Offers factor in unique indicators such as VIN-specific information, color, trim level, exportability, vehicle history, sold date and trends, providing you with an instant cash value for in your area. You can feature this tool on your website and through your Autotrader and listings.

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Trade-In Center

As a Trade-In Center, you have the ability to specialize in applying an Instant Cash Offer toward the purchase of a consumer's next vehicle, or you can purchase the vehicle outright. You also get to connect with the large audience of active trade-in customers available through and Autotrader.

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Buying Center

Buying Centers offer you the ability to specialize in working with consumers who are looking to trade in their vehicle or sell it outright through the Instant Cash Offer. Buying Centers offer you access to reach the most consumers, generate the most leads and maximize in-store engagement.

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Instant Cash Offer Marketplace Programs

  Vehicle Valuator Plus Trade-In Center Buying Center
Vehicle valuation tool
Backed to the dealership by Autotrader
Autotrader will stand behind the offer and buy the car from the dealer through the buyback process
Integration with the dealer's website
Assigned product specialist and implementation consultant
Website integration support
Integration with Autotrader listings
Integration with listings
Access to make-specific in-market shoppers  
Access to and listings*  
Access to all in-market shoppers using the tool    

*Restrictions apply. Contact your product specialist for more details.

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* Not all features of the Program are available in all territories.