Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Dealer Admin Tool

Participating dealers can generate new and review existing Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offers quickly and easily through their Dealer Admin Tool.

New Dealer Admin Tool Coming Soon

Kelley Blue Book has updated the user experience and functionality of your Instant Cash Offer Dealer Admin Tool. See how your new Dealer Admin Tool will make it faster and easier to assess vehicles, process offers, track results and provide a positive customer experience.

New Enhancements Include:

New Homepage to easily manage your offers and find customer offers faster than ever

Redesigned Dashboard with a more efficient layout that allows you to manage multiple vehicles at once

Updated Offer Overview Page makes it easier to track offer status and needed next steps

NEW Side-by-Side Offer Assessment Page enables you to show your customer updates made to the original offer after your on-site walk around is complete, allowing for a more transparent and better customer experience


Marketing Materials

Offline Assets

Offline Marketing Materials

You have 24/7 access to flexible, co-branded marketing materials you can use to promote your brand and Instant Cash Offer in your dealership. Customize TV animated tags, scripts for TV and radio, newspaper ads, emails, banners and printed collateral. Buying and Trade-In messages are available.

Offline Assets

Online Marketing Materials

Integrate Instant Cash Offer with your brand for your online marketing material, with over 75 pre-approved digital assets that can be easily exported to your website. Customize landing pages, website banners and widgets. Buying and Trade-In messages are available.

Marketing Toolkit & Advertising Requirements

vAuto Integration


Value & Essentials Brochure


Mobile App


Dealer Advertising Requirements


Sourcing Data

Souring Data

Case Study


Marketing Toolkit


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* Not all features of the Program are available in all territories.