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Maximize your loan origination opportunity
while mitigating portfolio risk

Kelley Blue Book® Values are based on millions of wholesale and retail vehicle transactions, many economic variables and a reliable stream of data with nearly 3 trillion data points.

This allows to generate fresh, relevant and market-reflective Kelley Blue Book Values that your organization can rely on.

Loan Origination Guidance

Kelley Blue Book vehicle valuations can help finance organizations ensure loan origination amounts are in-line with current vehicle values.

Mitigate Portfolio Risk

With nearly 90 years of experience in vehicle valuations, we are able to provide unparalleled insight into valuation patterns and current trends. Combined with detailed data from auctions and over five million retail sales transactions each year, Kelley Blue Book Values can help your organization accurately monitor its collateral risk levels.

Remarketing with Confidence

When it comes time to remarket your portfolio, the Kelley Blue Book Auction Values can provide critical guidance for your decision makers.

Additionally, our data analysis shows that Kelley Blue Book Values most consistently reflect the market for new and used cars among top valuations providers.*

*Our data analysis shows that Kelley Blue Book provides valuations that most consistently and closely track real-time market pricing. Kelley Blue Book Auction Value Comparison December 2014.
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Explore Our Suite of Solutions Serving the Financial Services Industry:

Quick Values

Get instant access to Kelley Blue Book’s database of current, market-relevant Blue Book® Values for new and used vehicles.

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InfoDriver Web Service (IDWS)

IDWS allows Kelley Blue Book Values to be easily integrated into your website, mobile app or loan origination platform, allowing for a customized experience.

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InfoDriver Batch VIN (IDBV)

Quickly ascertain the Blue Book Values for only the vehicles you are interested in obtaining current values for, simply by providing a list of VINs.

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How Kelley Blue Book Values Benefit our Industry Partners

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