InfoDriver Batch VIN (IDBV)

Quickly ascertain the Kelley Blue Book Value for the vehicles in your portfolio for risk assessment or remarketing purposes, simply by submitting a list of new or used vehicle VINs.

Current Values

Kelley Blue Book Values are market-relevant and updated weekly to reflect today’s market conditions.

Valuation Reports

IDBV features standardized output for easy integration into your tools/database.

IDBV provides access to these trusted Kelley Blue Book Values:

New Car Values

  • Fair Purchase Price
  • MSRP
  • Invoice

Used Car Values

  • Auction
  • Fair Purchase Price
  • Lending
  • Original MSRP
  • Suggested Retail
  • CPO
  • Trade-in Value with Range
  • Private Party Value

Technical Specs

  • Processed utilizing the VIN, mileage (optional) and location for accurate valuations
  • Delivery via email or FTP depending on file size
  • Text files in tab delimited or comma delimited format accepted
  • Technical support by phone during normal business hours

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