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The All New CAMP 360:Elevating the online shopping experience for consumers.
Driving audience outcomes for clients

There are over 900 touchpoints a car buyer can have with multiple brands along the path to purchase. Measuring a click on an ad is important, but are you able to connect that exposure to see how it drives sales? Cox Automotive is collecting ownership signals across many systems and channels to target audiences and personalize content, which results in measurable consideration lifts and proven incremental sales. Now is the time to put your data to work on Autotrader and KBB.com with Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership (CAMP 360) and see how our online activity correlates to your vehicle sales.

Moving from clicks to sales with CAMP 360

Redefine the possibilities of a marketing partnership with CAMP 360


The power of CAMP 360 is found in the unique combination of our consumer insights, trusted consumer brands, relevant content, and how we can activate these elements to create relevant and valuable content for car shoppers. Our goal is to meet shoppers at the exact moment of need and provide helpful or personalized content, not just an ad. CAMP 360 uses proprietary Cox Automotive data to deliver content at this ideal moment. By using our trusted brands, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, to provide unbiased information, CAMP 360 supports your strategic marketing goals by connecting our audience with your desired outcomes. Ultimately, CAMP 360 delivers the right message to the right consumer at the right time to deliver audience-driven outcomes for you.


Camp 360 Evolves Digital Marketing

CAMP 360: How It Works

Proven Results
Increased Model Consideration
  • Efficient OEM KPIs
  • Incremental KBB/AT Shopping Activity
  • Incremental Dealer.com VDP views
  • Knotch Consideration Score
Increased Vehicle Sales
  • Efficient OEM KPIs
  • Incremental KBB/AT Shopping Activity
  • Incremental Dealer.com VDP views
  • Knotch Consideration Score
Cox Automotive Partnership
  • Access to Cox Auto audience and data
  • Retarget with your brand message
  • Programmatic, FB, OTT/ATVScore
Cox Automotive Audience
  • Real-time buying signals
  • Unique audience
  • Actionable segments
Brand Marketing
  • KBB trusted, credible brand delivers useful content to our audience
  • Drives incremental shopping activity for your models
Editorial Content
  • Relevant + useful content
  • Editorial content creation
  • Video creation
Experience Customization
  • Brand content integrated within KBB make/model pages
  • Extension of OEM website (your “Away” field)

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CAMP 360 is a true marketing partnership using proprietary Cox Automotive data to put you where consumers are shopping in order to influence shopping behaviors. By meeting shoppers at these crucial points during their buying journey, we can partner with you to create authentic, trusted marketing campaigns that influence consumer behavior and, ultimately, increase consideration and drive sales. Here’s how:

Benefits of CAMP 360

With Cox Automotive consumer insights and the dynamic content from Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader, we have the ability to create marketing that influences throughout every step of the shopper’s journey versus traditional, disruptive digital advertising. With CAMP 360, we can follow consumers through the process and connect the dots all the way to a sale.  This leads to…

  • High Correlation: Connecting buyers to vehicles through incremental shopper actions highly correlated to sales​
  • Unique in market: Leverages the power of the Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader brands, editorial content, and audience to extend your reach​
  • Measurable incremental actions: Tracks consumer behaviors that would not have happened without CAMP 360​
  • Audience-driven outcomes: Uses data as a resource to change model perceptions, generate incremental shoppers and increase sales
CAMP 360


With more people getting comfortable with new ways of doing things from a distance, we are seeing an ever-increasing number of shoppers visiting our sites and submitting leads for cars. With Cox Automotive’s trusted information and resources, we are driving real connections with nearly 7 in 10 buyers who are counting on us to provide them with reliable, unbiased advice.

of shoppers believe Kelley Blue Book has the most trustworthy editorial content ?
of our shoppers first come to our site 12+ months prior to purchase ?

We deliver more qualified shoppers and close more sales​

Total sales for Autotrader and KBB.com are up +8% year-over-year, compared to other online marketplaces which are down (-4%). ?

Third-Party sites are the most popular first and last online destinations for new car buyers, with Autotrader and KBB.com being the most visited among third-party sites. ?

We provide our partners not only more qualified leads, but more leads in general. ?

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CAMP 360 is the future of media buying. Join us in a partnership to redefine success in automotive marketing through helpful engaging content that shoppers are seeking. Interested in learning more?