Advanced TV

How It Works

Advanced TV (ATV) provides advertisers an opportunity to utilize Cox Automotive’s data to target consumers on OTT/CTV and/or Addressable TV and minimize wastage in marketing spend on ATV. We use actual in-market signals from highly engaged consumers on the largest endemic properties to deliver unique, actionable audience segments; hence increasing efficiencies and return on advertising spend. The data we provide and how we provide varies based on how the video content is consumed.

OTT/CTV: Offered as a managed service where Cox Automotive’s team programmatically purchases video ads by targeting consumers using Cox Automotive’s in-market audience. 

Addressable TV: Make available CAI Audiences to MVPDs to power campaigns for clients. MVPDs are multichannel video programming distributors – services that provide multiple television channels – such as cable or satellite television services.

Business Rules

Last updated: July 29, 2021

Ad size: 15-30 secs, MP4 preferred

Audience Intenders Offsite (multiple options)


  Advanced TV
Also Known As
Primary Ad Product Point of Contact Ravi Munukutla
Funnel Offsite
Supersection Offsite

National/Tier 1

Regional/Tier 2




Segments Audience Intenders Offsite (multiple options)
Duration Any
Ad Type TBD
Geography National
Ad Serving Third Party
Site-served, agency tracking tags optional
Ad Size

The following sizes apply:

  • 16:9 aspect ratio, 15-30 secs, MP4 preferred
Lead Time 10 business days
Option to Serve 3rd Party Yes
Ad Book Product Name
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Facebook
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Gamut | OTT
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Lightbox Display
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Lightbox Video
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | LiveIntent
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Native Display
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Native Video
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Panorama
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Pre-Roll Video
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Promoted Content
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | YouTube Bumper Ad
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | YouTube Discovery Ad
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | YouTube In-Stream Video
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Cuecard
  • CAMG | Audience | AXO | Display
Ad Priority TBD
Bundling Requirements None
Block List Applies? No
Advertiser Priority Order None
Collapse When Unsold? Yes

Ad Specs

Last updated: July 29, 2021

Asset Inclusions

Last updated: July 29, 2021