Access to qualified in-market shopper behaviors to target your audience

How It Works

People who begin their search for a new car visit KBB first to value their trade-in before beginning their search; OEMs will be able to leverage our data segments to reach those shoppers anywhere

Leverage data from the industry’s leading third party auto shopping site to expand reach of in-market audiences beyond KBB

Included Solutions


Ad Size 728x90, 300x250
Ad Serving Third Party, data Intelligence based on shopper behaviors
Advertising Opportunity Certified, Cox Automotive, National, Regional
Audience Auto Shoppers (All Intents)
Ad Type Display, Standard IAB, Standard Mobile MMA
Platform Cross-devices, Desktop, includes Tablet, Mobile, Tablet
Marketing Objectives Audience Targeting, Awareness, Broad Reach, Data-Powered Audience Targeting, Frequency
Program Goals Data-Infused
Availability 2023, 2022

Business Rules

Last updated: December 27, 2022

Data cookies are collected from all pages visited by consumer

Data segments to be negotiated with Customer. Standard Segments include: Auto Intender, Body Style, Make, Model, Body Style by Intent, Make by Intent, Model by Intent, Motorcycle. Custom Segments also available.

  National: Direct Share
Also Known As
Primary Ad Product Point of Contact Unassigned, reach out to Ad Product Team|
Funnel Lower Funnel
Upper Funnel
Supersection Used
Platform Desktop

National/Tier 1


All available pages

  • Auto Intender
  • Body Style
  • Body Style by Intent
  • Make
  • Make by Intent
  • Model
  • Model by Intent
  • Motorcycle
Duration Annual
Ad Type
Geography National
Ad Serving N/A
Ad Size

The following sizes apply:

  • 300x250
  • 728x90
Lead Time 1 month
Option to Serve 3rd Party
Ad Book Product Name
  • CAMG | Audience | Direct Share | Adobe Audience Manager
  • CAMG | Audience | Direct Share | LiveRamp
Ad Priority Standard
Bundling Requirements None
Block List Applies? No
Advertiser Priority Order Tier 1
Collapse When Unsold? Yes

Asset Inclusions

Last updated: December 27, 2022