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Ad Size multiple ad sizes
Ad Serving depends on ad solution
Advertising Opportunity Cox Automotive, National, Tier 1
Audience Auto Shoppers -Target Specific Audience Behaviors, Auto Shoppers (All Intents), Auto Shoppers (Unknown Intent), Cars For Sale, Competitors Shoppers, CPO Considerers, CPO Shoppers, In-Market Auto Shoppers, In-market Auto Shoppers - New Car, In-Market Auto Shoppers - New Car-Used Car-Owners(LF), In-Market Auto Shoppers (All Intents), In-Market Shoppers (all intents), In-Market Undecided Shoppers, Mobile Shoppers, New Car And CPO Considerers, New Car Auto Shoppers, New Car Shoppers, New Car Shoppers Segment, Owners, Owners (LF), Segment Shoppers, Shoppers (Unknown Intent), Undecided Auto Shoppers, Undecided Auto Shoppers (UF), Undecided In-Market Shoppers, Undecided New Car Shoppers, Undecided Shoppers, Used Car, Used Car Auto Shoppers, Used Car Shoppers
Ad Type Custom, Display, Rich Media, Standard IAB, Standard Mobile MMA
Platform Cross-devices, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Marketing Objectives Audience Extension, Audience Targeting, Awareness, Broad Reach, Conquest, Consideration, Conversion, Cost Efficiency, CPO Awareness & Consideration, Cross-Platform, Data, Drive Traffic to Model Details, Drive Traffic to OEM Site, Education, Frequency, High-Impact, Incentives Awareness, Lead Generation, Local Inventory, Local Market Awareness, Local Messaging, Local Targeting, Lower-Funnel Activities, Mobile-Specific Reach, New Car Make And Model Consideration, New Model Affordability, New Model Awareness, New Model Consideration, New Model Launch, Ready-To-Buy, Reinforcement To Another Buy, Retention, Sales Event, Segment Leadership, Traffic to OEM Site, Volume Model Support
Program Goals Audience Extension, Audience Targeting, Awareness, Blunt The Competition, Brand Awareness, Brand-Safe Content, Broad Reach, BT, Compare, Conquest, Conquesting, Consideration, Contextual, Contextually Relevant To Shopping Path, Cost, Cost Effective KPIs, Cost Efficiency, Cross-Platform, Custom, Custom Segments, Data, Data-Infused, Editorial Adjacent, Educate, Fixed Position Sponsorship, Frequency, Heavy Up, High-Impact, Immersive, In-Market, In-Market Reach, In-Market Shoppers, Integrated, Integrated brand placements, Large Creative Canvas, Local Messaging, Localized, Lower-Funnel, Mobile Platform/Cross-Platform, Native, New Model Launch, Out-Of-The-Box, Plus-Up, Price-Targeted, Retargeting, Retention, Rich Media, Segment, Sponsorship (Fixed-Position), Sustaining, Takeover, Target upper-funnel, Unique, Unknown Intent, Upgrade, Upper-Funnel
Availability 2022

Business Rules

Last updated: March 28, 2022

Ad solutions available to regional advertisers include: Shopping Tools Module/Shopper Consideration Module, Featured Content Tab Upper Funnel, Featured Content Tab Lower Funnel, Market Awareness, Market Awareness & Mobile Awareness, Local Smartphone, Decision Driver, Local Toolbar, Audience Targeting, Run of Site, Run of Mobile Site, Programmatic, Audience Extension

Asset Inclusions

Last updated: March 28, 2022