Simplified Native - Shopping Links

How It Works

Simplified Native (Shopping Links Template) is designed to not only capture and retain shoppers while they are in active search mode, but it also builds credibility and trust with its native look and feel. The user’s natural inclination are emphasized for enabling research a particular model by featuring numerous key KPI links, maximizing opportunity to drive shopping actions.

The intent of the template options enable advertisers to increase on-page relevancy, enhance performance, and differentiate the messaging.


Ad Size 1232x400
Advertising Opportunity Cox Automotive, National, Regional
Audience Auto Shoppers (All Intents)
Ad Type
Platform Cross-devices, includes Tablet, Mobile, Tablet
Marketing Objectives
Program Goals
Availability 2022

Business Rules

Last updated: April 19, 2022
  Shopping Links
Also Known As
Primary Ad Product Point of Contact
Ad Type
Geography National
Ad Serving
Ad Size
Lead Time
Option to Serve 3rd Party
Ad Book Product Name
Ad Priority
Bundling Requirements
Block List Applies? Yes
Advertiser Priority Order CPO
Collapse When Unsold? Yes

Ad Specs

Last updated: April 19, 2022

Asset Inclusions

Last updated: April 19, 2022