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Secondary Agency Of Record (SAOR)/Near-Endemic (NEND) eCommerce, including Auto-Related & Motorcycle Advertising
Auto-Related & Motorcycle Advertising

Auto-Related focus areas - Insurance, Aftermarket, Oil & Gas, Auto care products
Kelley Blue Book Headquarters - Irvine, CA
Susan Blue
Senior Director, Advertising & Strategic Development
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Kelley Blue Book offers a wealth of attitudinal and behavioral research and insights that can be leveraged to better understand auto shoppers’ mindsets.

We’re a consultative partner poised and ready to help you meet your unique goals.

KBB Strategic Insights

Our Strategic Insights team has a pulse on and in-depth awareness to:

  • Perceptions of in-market new car shoppers
  • What our auto shoppers are saying about various vehicles on
  • Vehicle shopping intentions
  • Launching custom survey polling
  • Industry intelligence by brand
  • behavioral research insights, such as
    • Cross-shopping and reverse cross-shopping behaviors
    • Make, Model, or Segment traffic trends
    • Trend identification within a target brand’s owner base
    • Weekly new-car shopper activity on