Trade-In Advisor

Convert leads on your website. Fast.

Trade-In Advisor is the latest trade-in valuation tool from Kelley Blue Book that allows in-market shoppers to get trade-in values faster and provide you with lead opportunities sooner.

Its sleek, easy-to-use interface creates an experience that keeps shoppers engaged while capturing lead information before shoppers explore trade-in values and trade-in ranges, all without leaving your website.

Key Features

Predictive vehicle search widget generates trade-in values faster.

Lead capture information moved to Step 1 of the trade-in valuation process.

Trade-in value range refines in real-time as users enter more vehicle information.

Progress indicators keep shoppers engaged while providing detailed information about their trade and their next vehicle of interest.

Kelley Blue Book values are fresh, local, and reflective of your market.

Demo Trade-In Advisor

The most trusted third-party automotive brand on your website means shoppers can be confident they'll get a fair trade-in value.*


White Glove installation on your existing website.

Seamless integration with Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer.

How Trade-In Advisor produces more leads and better conversion rates

Shoppers get trade-in values faster, you get the lead info you need sooner.
A responsive design, including predictive search, helps keep users engaged.
Connecting your dealership with the Kelley Blue Book brand reinforces trust.
Shoppers see their Trade-In Report on your website as well as receive it via email.
People find Kelley Blue Book Values on a dealer's site important to their decision to buy from that dealer.
Provides an effective and robust lead generating form.
Kelley Blue Book Values are fresh, local and relevant to reflect your market.
Increased lead opportunities even when shoppers don't complete the process.
A cleaner, more rewarding experience keeps shoppers on your site longer.
Unlimited monthly lead plan designed for dealers.1
Unlimited leads available when purchased directly from Kelley Blue Book. Restrictions may apply.

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