Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer Buying Signals Plus

Gain insight into car shoppers’ buying and selling timelines

As car buyers browse online, they leave a digital trail of data.

Newly enhanced Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer Buying Signals Plus aggregates and analyzes that data for you, then serves up actionable insights.

See how likely a consumer is to dispose of their vehicle and/or purchase a new one, and even gain insight into their shopping preferences for a replacement vehicle.

With these insights, you can take a more targeted approach to your lead follow-up and win more vehicles.

Find more acquisition and sales opportunities.

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Take a targeted approach to lead follow-up

Instant Cash Offer leads with Buying Signals Plus had a transaction completion rate 30% better than leads without Buying Signals Plus, whether the vehicle was sold through ICO or elsewhere.?

Make the most of every acquisition opportunity

Take the guesswork out of what customers want. Save valuable time and resources with insights into shoppers’ preferences and timelines.

Provide a personalized shopping experience

When you know where customers are in their car buying journey, you can provide a better end-to-end experience to win a vehicle – and gain a customer.

Strike when shoppers are ready to buy or sell

Very Hot Prospects

are 3X more likely to dispose of their vehicle.?

Hot Prospects

are 2X more likely to dispose of their vehicle.?

Ready to Buy

are 9X as likely to purchase in the next 30 days than shoppers where the market level is inconclusive.?

Actively Shopping

are 2X as likely to purchase.?

Know car buyers’ shopping preferences

Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Buying Signals Plus can also provide insight into the following shopping preferences:
  • Preferred Mileage
  • Preferred Price
  • Preferred Make
  • Preferred Model
  • Preferred Year
  • Inventory Type (New or Used)
Use this data to make informed, personalized vehicle recommendations that exceed buyers’ expectations and help you win business.