Our trusted valuations just keep getting better

At Kelley Blue Book, our valuation process is constantly evolving to reflect the ever-changing automotive marketplace.

To continue providing consumers and business partners with market-reflective values, we recently rebuilt our valuation engine from the ground up. Here are some of the key improvements:

More Local Pricing Granularity


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Kelley Blue Book is an expert at studying, analyzing and dissecting local markets.

We’ve utilized our expertise to refine our valuations to 101 regions, encompassing the 50 largest markets in the nation.

The Value of Color


We recognize that color plays a role in determining a vehicle’s value.

Kelley Blue Book analyzed the top 15 colors in the marketplace and has turned this knowledge into market-reflective valuations.

Enhanced Treatment of Mileage


We’ve also improved the way we adjust values for mileage.

We’ve analyzed millions of records to more accurately reflect how mileage impacts the values of vehicles of different ages, makes, categories and more.

Improved Condition Adjustments


As with mileage, a vehicle’s condition will impact each vehicle’s value differently.

Our new valuations look more closely at age and scarcity when determining the impact of condition on value.

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