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Industry Solutions Vehicle Value, Data & Integration Tools

Kelley Blue Book Data & Integration Tools

Kelley Blue Book's Industry Solutions are designed to provide easy access to the Kelley Blue Book Values and vehicle data you require. With over 90 years of experience in vehicle valuations, we offer scalable solutions, from large vehicle portfolio valuations to single transaction, historical, and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Kelley Blue Book Values.

Automotive Industry Products

Integrate Kelley Blue Book Values into your products for the automotive industry to support your client needs. Enhance your program by leveraging the Kelley Blue Book brand and industry-leading values.

Products for Your Segment:

Consumer Facing Publisher

Integrate the trusted Kelley Blue Book brand and values into your consumer-facing experience.

Integrating Kelley Blue Book Values into your site enables you to keep your traffic engaged and in your experience.

Products for Your Segment:

Finance, Insurance and Government

Accurately monitor your collateral risk and ensure your loan origination amounts are in-line with current vehicle values.

Kelley Blue Book provides easy access to New and Used vehicle values and specification details to help drive decision-making from underwriting to claims.

Kelley Blue Book Values are ideal for use in taxation and registration.

Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

Leverage Kelley Blue Book Values and branding in your consumer marketing. By including the trusted Kelley Blue Book brand, you can increase customer engagement.

Products for Your Segment:

Why Kelley Blue Book Values

Kelley Blue Book market-reflective values are based on millions of wholesale and retail vehicle transactions, a multitude of economic variables and a constant feed of data from nearly 3 trillion data points. This allows Kelley Blue Book to generate fresh, local and relevant vehicle values your organization can rely on.

Additionally, our data analysis shows that Kelley Blue Book provides valuations that most consistently and closely track real-time market pricing.