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As the most trusted name for pricing and valuations, Kelley Blue Book® helps industry partners elevate their offerings with tools that deliver transparency. Access an array of scalable solutions, from large vehicle portfolio valuations to integrated solutions ideal for software applications, consumer-facing websites and insurance providers.

Kelley Blue Book Values®

Values that precisely align with current market conditions

With 90+ years of providing vehicle valuations, we deliver unparalleled insight into market patterns and ongoing trends. Our values are based on analysis of 250+ wholesale and retail data sources, including 100,000 auction transactions per week, and are adjusted weekly for local market conditions and seasonal trends. 

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Finance company solutions

Kelley Blue Book Values help financial organizations assess and lower collateral risk during loan origination, during ongoing portfolio management and throughout vehicle remarketing efforts.

InfoDriver℠ Web Service

Easily integrate Kelley Blue Book’s trusted values into your loan origination platform. 

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InfoDriver℠ Batch VIN

Append market-reflective Kelley Blue Book Values to your portfolio data to assess and manage collateral risk.

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Quick Values℠

Easily and quickly obtain current valuations for loan origination or remarketing of vehicles.

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Software & app developer solutions

Deliver greater value to your automotive and finance clients by incorporating trusted Kelley Blue Book Values into your software products.

InfoDriver Web Service

Kelley Blue Book Values can be easily integrated into your software or application products and customized to deliver a unique end-user experience.

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Consumer-facing site solutions

Using our vehicle values that consumers recognize and trust, you can help improve engagement on your website, raise conversion rates, and deliver sales for your dealer partners.

InfoDriver Web Service

Integrate the trusted Kelley Blue Book Values into your consumer-facing website.

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Price Advisor

Deliver an intuitive, visual representation of a vehicle’s value and the Fair Market Range using Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor. After integrating it into your site, your shoppers gain confidence that they can get a fair price, further building trust in your brand. 

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Direct-mail marketer solutions

Help increase consumer engagement, customer response rates, and traffic for your dealer partners by integrating Kelley Blue Book Values into your marketing.

InfoDriver Batch VIN

The Kelley Blue Book Batch VIN value appending service enables you to quickly and easily obtain values from the most trusted brand in the business. Simply upload your desired VINs and access fresh values.

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Insurance company solutions

Instantly access new and used vehicle values and specifics to help with underwriting claims and decision-making.

InfoDriver Web Service

Integrate Kelley Blue Book Values directly into your insurance software for easy access to the industry’s most trusted and market-reflective values.

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Quick Values

Easily obtain current vehicle valuations the moment you need them using our web-based platform.

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InfoDriver Batch VIN

Access vehicle values quickly and easily with Kelley Blue Book’s batch appending service.

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