Trade-In Advisor

Keep shoppers engaged on your website and help keep your sales pipeline full with the latest trade-in valuation tool from Kelley Blue Book®.

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Shoppers are looking for a trusted trade-in value. You need leads and inventory opportunities. Trade-In Advisor delivers it all. Fast.

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Trade-In Advisor benefits

Convert visitors to leads on your website. Fast.

Trade-In Advisor helps shoppers get trade-in values quickly, and you get lead info sooner. It captures crucial lead data even when shoppers don’t fully complete the valuation process.

Increase engagement on your website

Our online trade-in experience features a sleek, easy-to-use interface to keep shoppers engaged with a responsive design that includes predictive search and progress indicators. Customers will be able to access their Trade-In Report on your website and receive it by email.

Drive consumer confidence

Putting the most trusted third-party automotive brand on your site means shoppers can be confident can get a fair trade-in value. You can be sure our values are fresh, local and relevant to your individual market.

Trade-In Advisor product features

Effective lead capture

Trade-In Advisor presents the lead capture form in the first step, ensuring you receive a lead no matter how far the consumer progresses in the process.

Progress indicators

These indicators help keep shoppers engaged while capturing detailed information about their trade and vehicle of interest. As users enter more vehicle information, their trade-in value range updates automatically. Afterwards, shoppers can access their Trade-In Report on your website and receive it by email.

Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Range and trade-in vehicle details shown on computer screen

Integration with Instant Cash Offer

Provide shoppers the ability to transition easily from exploring Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In Values to receiving a redeemable Instant Cash Offer, allowing you to keep customers engaged at every stage of the car buying journey.

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White-glove installation

Our turn-key installation on your dealership website gives you the foundation to start generating leads right away.

Unlimited monthly lead plans

You have the opportunity to access unlimited leads through a monthly plan when purchased directly from Kelley Blue Book. Restrictions may apply.

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