KBB.com and Autotrader

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KBB.com and Autotrader Combined Reach 73% of All Car Buyers

2017 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study.

... And Account for More Than Half of the Time Car Buyers Spend on Third-Party Sites.

Source: 2016 Transparency Data Study, in partnership with Autotrader. Base: All Online Buyers (n = 1577). Q4: What percentage of time researching did you allocate to each source? Q7: What percentage of time spent on the Internet did you allocate to each site?

Together We Reach the Largest Audience

36+ Million unique visitors/month

1Omniture Jan-Oct 2016 Monthly Average.
2Autotrader Site Data, Jan-Oct 2016 Monthly Average.
3Demdex, Jan-Oct 2016 Monthly Average.

The Most Influential Brands in the Car Buying Journey

  • Together, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book are substantially more visited than any other third-party automotive website

    comScore Media Metrix®Multi-Platform, Jan-May 2016 based on U.S. data

  • KBB.com and Autotrader are the most well-known shopping sites in the auto industry

    Q3 2016 Consumer Brand Tracker - among third-party sites

  • Together, KBB.com and Autotrader are the most used third-party sites for researching, shopping and valuations.

    2016 Car Buyer Journey Study

  • Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader combined are nearly 33% more effective in converting online traffic into dealership foot traffic than the next leading third-party site

    2016 Car Buyer Journey Study

  • Autotrader is the most recognized and engaged brand among third-party shopping sites

    Facebook 2/22/16

  • 2017 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study

  • Four out of the top seven auto-shopping terms are Autotrader or Kelley Blue Book

    Source: Google Trends (February 2015-January 2016)