Instant Cash Offer + Accelerate My Deal

Enhance Your Digital Retailing and Vehicle Trade-In Process with Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer.

Build customer trust

Provide a transparent trade-in value backed by a third-party automotive brand consumers trust.

Generate leads

Engage transaction-ready shoppers on your website through a guided shopping experience.

Take the friction out of the pricing conversation

Move beyond the pricing discussion with an objective, transparent appraisal process.

Customers have long favored a digital car-buying experience. Now, you can align your operations with their expectations and take your digital retailing experience to the next level.

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer empowers you to provide your customers with a remote vehicle trade-in appraisal process. This solution integrates seamlessly with your other Cox Automotive digital retailing tools to help you create the online shopping and buying experience your customers want.

of consumers are open to the idea of completing the car-buying process entirely online.?
digital retailing activity customers want to complete online is finding the value of their current vehicle.?
of car shoppers name Kelley Blue Book® as the top source to find the value of their vehicle.?

Take Your Retailing Experience to the Next Level

Instant Cash Offer integrates with the following solutions:

How to Make the Most of Your Integration

By integrating Instant Cash Offer with your digital retailing efforts, you can:

  • Receive the offer information even if shoppers do not complete the entire digital retailing process.
  • Help customers move forward in the process with a vehicle trade-in value they trust.
  • Capture motivated customers at every stage of the car buying journey – not just in digital retailing, but throughout your website.
  • Utilize insights and learn more about the shopper’s purchasing timeline with Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Buying Signals.
  • Win more trades by creating a transparent, convenient buying experience.
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Improve Your Digital Retailing Experience with Instant Cash Offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cox Automotive Digital Retailing team will integrate trade-in values into your dealership vehicle listings with an easy install. By adding Instant Cash Offer, dealers see significant increases with their Listings performance. In comparing performance of Instant Cash Offer plus Listings, customers see a 69% higher on average gross per car sold and 54% higher average digital retailing impressions than customers with Listings alone. ?

  • Accelerate My Deal – Website and Listings
  • GM Shop, Click, Drive

The Accelerate My Deal team will integrate trade-in values to your website with an easy install. You could see significant increases in pencils and lead submissions when you bring together the power of Instant Cash Offer and Accelerate My Deal on your website. Dealers who combine these powerful tools see on average 70% higher Digital Retailing Impressions and 81% higher total gross per car sold when compared to digital retailing alone. ?