Instant Cash Offer + vAuto’s ProfitTime GPS

When it comes to acquiring the right inventory, you can’t afford to make decisions in a vacuum.  The powerful combination of Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer integrated with vAuto’s ProfitTime® GPS not only helps you increase your efficiency, it also helps you increase your win rate on inventory while lowering your cost to market.

Is your inventory acquisition strategy delivering the right vehicles at the right price?

How vAuto’s ProfitTime GPS and Instant Cash Offer deliver results

Win more inventory with offers consumers trust

Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer provides third-party validation, to help you take the friction out of the pricing conversation. With Instant Cash Offer, your dealership can provide a better, more transparent customer experience from start to finish. 

ICO Market Report and Instant Cash Offer data shown as part of vAuto and ICO integration

Acquire the right vehicles

Review your full list of Instant Cash Offers alongside ProfitTime GPS data to identify which vehicles match your inventory needs. Then, connect with transaction-ready car shoppers on Autotrader and who are ready to sell their vehicles or trade in for one of yours.

vAuto Stocking Scores shown for vehicles

Save time and effort

Quickly review existing offers or create new ones from an appraisal within ProfitTime GPS. Plus, you can easily aggregate your data points to track success and profitability for each vehicle.

vAuto and ICO integration shown on a tablet

Lower Cost to Market

Unlike traditional sourcing, acquiring inventory directly from consumers means you won’t lose money on auction and transportation fees, risk bringing on a slow mover, or lose valuable time at auctions.

vAuto Look to Book, price to market, and cost to market data shown on a tablet

Estimate how much gross you can generate each month with Instant Cash Offer + vAuto.

Current With Instant Cash Offer
Vehicles Appraised Per Month {{ico_vehicles_appraised_per_month | round}}
Vehicles Won Per Month {{ico_vehicles_won_per_month | round}}
Look to Book (Trade Win %) {{ico_look_to_book_percent}}*
Average Cost to Market
Average Cost of Unit
${{ico_average_cost_of_unit | round}}
Average Unit Sales Per Month {{ico_average_unit_sales_per_month | round}}
Average Price to Market
Gross Per Opportunity ${{ico_gross_per_opportunity | round}}
Estimated Monthly Total Value Opportunity with Instant Cash Offer
${{ico_total_value_opportunity | round}}

*Averages based on vehicles in Provision with Instant Cash Offer compared to Provision without Instant Cash Offer; vAuto data Sept 2020-Feb 2021.

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