Instant Cash Offer

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer is an online inventory and trade-in offer solution that allows your dealership to acquire the inventory you need directly from transaction-ready consumers, lowering your acquisition costs and improving your bottom line.

A better way to acquire used vehicle inventory

Acquire the inventory you need

Connect with transaction-ready customers ready to sell the cars you need.

Lower acquisition costs

Save typical fees, transportation costs and time spent at the auction.

Provide a better consumer experience

Take the friction out of the trade-in discussion with a trusted, transparent trade-in value backed by Kelley Blue Book. Provide sight-unseen appraisals you and your customers feel confident about.

How Instant Cash Offer works

car shopper on computer

Step 1: Consumers visit the Instant Cash Offer tool online

Car owners fill out a detailed description of the vehicle they’d like to sell or trade on Autotrader, or your dealership website. Your dealership staff can also guide them through this process in your showroom.

consumer looking at their Instant Cash Offer vehicle value on

Step 2: Instant Cash Offer tool generates the offer

The car owner receives an Instant Cash Offer to be used for trade-in or outright sale. The offer is valid for seven days.

two car buyers and a dealership salesperson in an Instant Cash Offer dealership showroom

Step 3: The customer brings you the offer

Once you have agreed on a price based on your assessment of the vehicle, the customer can apply the offer as a trade-in amount toward the purchase of one of your other vehicles. Or, they can walk away with the cash.

Step 4: You decide what to do with the vehicle

After you’ve acquired the vehicle, you have seven days to decide whether to resell it on your lot or sell it to Cox Automotive for the full trade-in amount. You choose!

Integrations and insights to give you a competitive edge

vAuto Provision

Streamline workflows throughout your business by integrating Instant Cash Offer with the tools you use every day. When it comes to acquiring inventory, you can’t beat the combination of Instant Cash Offer integrated with vAuto’s Provision®. These powerful tools integrate seamlessly to help you find and win the right cars.  

Explore Instant Cash Offer + vAuto Provision
ICO Market Report and Instant Cash Offer data shown as part of vAuto and ICO integration

Digital Retailing

To pencil a great deal online, it’s critical to have a trade-in value the customer feels good about. Instant Cash Offer integrates seamlessly with Accelerate My Deal to provide a trusted redeemable offer that help your customers move forward confidently in the car buying process. And you can utilize Instant Cash Offer throughout your website, in your showroom and even in your service lanes to win more inventory.

Explore Instant Cash Offer + Digital Retailing

Consumer Insights

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer Buying Signals analyzes customer shopping behavior from, Autotrader and across Cox Automotive data sources to provide actionable insights that help you take a targeted approach to your leads, saving valuable time and money. Use data and insights to unlock the true potential of your offers.

Explore Instant Cash Offer + Buying Signals
Instant Cash Offer dealer dashboard showing Buying Signals data on trade-in or sell-for-cash customers

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Best practices for Instant Cash Offer

Latest innovations

Continuously improving the Instant Cash Offer experience for consumers

Phone showing ICO
Instant Cash Offer sight unseen appraisal email invitation sent to potential trade-in customer
Instant Cash Offer experience screenshot showing the page were consumers upload photos of the car they want to get a trade in value for
Phone showing ICO

The Appointment Request feature allows transaction-ready consumers to request an appointment with your dealership directly from the Instant Cash Offer certificate page. Easily view and filter leads with an appointment request to confirm appointments with consumers ready to trade-in or sell their vehicle at your dealership.

  • Enable text/email alerts for your staff to know when a lead with an appointment request is received
  • You can also send the appointment request data to your CRM

The enhanced design to the Instant Cash Offer Condition Quiz allows consumers to assess the condition of their vehicles quickly and accurately, providing the best possible experience for you and your customers.

Instant Cash Offer sight unseen appraisal email invitation sent to potential trade-in customer

Provide an appraisal that you and your customer feel confident about without requiring the customer or the car to be at the dealership. Any rep in the dealership (no appraisal expertise required) can facilitate a sight unseen appraisal by inviting a customer to complete an Instant Cash Offer via the Instant Cash Offer Dealer Admin Tool.

Consumers can easily scan their VIN when completing an Instant Cash Offer eliminating the need to type in the 17-digit number and eliminating typing errors making the process even faster and easier.

  • Easily scan from any mobile device or tablet
  • VIN Scanning also available to participating Instant Cash Offer dealers in the Dealer Admin Tool
Instant Cash Offer experience screenshot showing the page were consumers upload photos of the car they want to get a trade in value for

With the new Image Capture feature within the Instant Cash Offer experience, consumers can easily upload up to 6 images of their vehicle. With these images dealers can quickly identify highly engaged customers, prioritize leads for follow-up and use uploaded photos to inform their grounding decision earlier in the process.

We’re here to help make Instant Cash Offer work for you

Personalized onboarding

We provide upfront, personalized training for your staff so your entire team gets started right.

Performance management

All clients receive a dedicated performance manager, an experienced retail automotive expert who will help guide your team to maximize success with Instant Cash Offer.

Ongoing training

Our award-winning interactive video training program offers everything you need to onboard new staff members and refresh best practices to ensure your team provide a best-in-class trade-in experience.

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