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Instant Cash Offer

Maximize Profitability through Transaction-ready Car Shoppers while Lowering Acquisition Costs on Local,
In-demand Inventory

Dealerships today face a ton of pressure – sales, inventory, not to mention customer satisfaction. Instant Cash Offer helps you drive profitable, long-term success with the power of Kelley Blue Book, The Trusted Resource®, by your side.

Drive Profit

Drive profit by attracting motivated customers who are ready to trade in their vehicle and drive away in one of yours.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by building trust through transparency, creating a frictionless car shopping experience.

Save Typical Fees

Save typical fees, transportation dollars and staffing hours while acquiring the right inventory for your local market.

Create Customer Loyalty

Create customer loyalty by aligning your dealership with the #1 most trusted third-party automotive brand.

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Overall, it's being able to get the maximum value, consistency, and seamlessness that you want as a dealer."

–General Manager, Franchise, South

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We get leads and we ...trade cars, which means we sold a car or we’ve got a car. ...The program works, without a doubt, it’s why we've continued to use it for so long."

–General Manager, Independent, South

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The hardest part of the transaction is their trade. So that's already done. It just makes things a lot smoother...they already have a very good idea of what we'll pay for it."

–Used Car Director, Franchise, West

How Instant Cash Offer Works

Customers visit the Instant Cash Offer tool online

Customers visit the Instant Cash Offer tool online

Car owners visit our site, or yours, and fill out a detailed description of the vehicle they’d like to sell or trade. Your dealership staff can also guide them through the process in your showroom.

Instant Cash Offer tool generates the offer

Instant Cash Offer tool generates the offer

The customer receives an Instant Cash Offer that can be used for a trade-in or an outright sale. The offer is valid for seven days.

The customer brings you the offer

The customer brings you the offer

Once you have an agreed upon price based on your assessment of the vehicle, the customer can apply the offer as a trade-in amount toward the purchase of one of your vehicles or walk away with cash.

You decide what to do with the vehicle

You decide what to do with the vehicle

After you’ve acquired the vehicle you have seven days to decide whether to resell it on your lot or sell the car to Autotrader for the full trade-in amount. Whatever you want, consider it done.

Win More Trades While Improving Your Margins

Instant Cash Offer integrates seamlessly with vAuto Provision to help you attain a 50%+ win rate on inventory.

Instant Cash Offer

Solutions for Every Dealer

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6.5 Million Offers Generated Per Year

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Ideal For:

ICO Product Levels

Ideal For:

Franchise and large independent dealers with significant financial resources and proven processes, who seek to acquire vehicles directly from consumers and reduce dependency on auctions.

Franchise and independent dealers with a large and varied mix of used inventory who wish to acquire vehicles directly from consumers planning to buy a replacement vehicle.

Dealers seeking a lead-generating tool for their website, and a transparent process for valuing trades that leverage the trusted name of Kelley Blue Book.

Reach Active and Engaged Car Shoppers and Align with the Power of the Kelley Blue Book Brand

Kelley Blue Book reaches almost 7 in 10 of all online car buyers actively in market ready to engage your brand.

18 million unique shoppers each month

18 million

unique shoppers

each month


third-party site

to research vehicle pricing

#1 third party site

4 million

Instant Cash Offers

Created through KBB.com and
Autotrader annually

40 million unique pricing reports

Dedicated Performance Management and Implementation Teams Helping You Get the Most out of Instant Cash Offer

Dedicated Performance

We provide guidance on how to engage your customers, best practices and helpful tips to drive profits and create a friction-less car shopping experience built on trust and transparency.

Our award-winning training series and dedicated Performance Management team help you optimize success.

Silver and Gold awards

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