Drive Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Customers to Your Dealership Now!

Drive Trade-In Customers and Motivated Shoppers to
Your Dealership with Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Key Benefits

93 million

Consumers pulled 93 Million Trade-in reports on last year.1

Consumers accessed Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In Values more than 93 million times last year.1 Now, Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer can help drive those sellers, buyers and inventory to your showroom.

Most trusted 3rd party site

Kelley Blue Book's Instant Cash Offer aligns with consumers' trust and confidence in Kelley Blue Book. It provides dealers instant association with the most trusted third-party automotive brand.2

3 million instant cash offers

Consumers used and Autotrader to obtain 3 million instant cash offers in 20153

Instant Cash Offer taps directly into trade-in and sell-for-cash demand on and Autotrader, generating millions of offers for dealers like you.3

New Features Designed to Drive Even More Offers!

2016 Price for Instant Cash Offer

Instant Cash Offer now features the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor!

Integration of the Price Advisor allows car shoppers to quickly and easily see how their Instant Cash Offer aligns with the trusted Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Range.

This helps customers make confident decisions about the values for their vehicles and creates sales opportunities for participating dealers.

The Instant Cash Offer consumer experience is now responsive!

Our new responsive design allows consumers to take advantage of the Instant Cash Offer anytime, anywhere.

The consumer experience has also been enhanced with new and updated page designs, making the process more intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, the experience is now consistent across both Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.

3 million instant cash offers

Instant Cash Offer Features

  • Integration into your Autotrader and listings.
  • Determine where your sales leads originated with our secure, fast and free Attribution Report.
  • Integration with vAuto's Provision, so you get easier appraisals, more acquisition power and better insights.
  • Integration into your showroom.

Ongoing Support to Ensure Best Results

ongoing support

Our team provides training and support to ensure you're getting the most out of this valuable tool. We offer advice on how to engage your customers in meaningful dialog that will gain consumer confidence, increase trade-in volume, increase profitability and bring the right vehicles to your lot.

1. site data. Jan-Dec 2014
2. 2014 Cox Automotive Brand Tracking Study
3. Internal and Autotrader data, 2014


Marketing Toolkit & Advertising Requirements

Offline Assets

Offline Marketing Materials

You have 24/7 access to flexible, co-branded marketing materials you can use to promote your brand and Instant Cash Offer in your dealership. Customize TV animated tags, scripts for TV and radio, newspaper ads, emails, banners and printed collateral. Buying and Trade-In messages are available.

Offline Assets

Online Marketing Materials

Integrate Instant Cash Offer with your brand for your online marketing material, with over 75 pre-approved digital assets that can be easily exported to your website. Customize landing pages, website banners and widgets. Buying and Trade-In messages are available.

Value & Essentials Brochure


Marketing Toolkit


vAuto Integration


Sourcing Data


Dealer Advertising Requirements


How Instant Cash Offer Works

in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Consumers Visit the Kelley Blue Book Tool Online

They fill out a detailed description of the vehicle they wish to trade in. Or, the dealership staff introduces the customer to the Kelley Blue Book's Instant Cash Offer by guiding them through the process of valuing their trade-in.

Step 2

The Tool Generates the Offer

We deliver an Instant Cash Offer* to the consumer for trade-in or outright sale. It's valid for 3 days. The consumer can also request to be contacted by a dealer if they are interested in trading in their vehicle to purchase another.

Step 3

The Consumer Brings You the Offer

After a physical inspection at your dealership, you may accept the offer or re-run it based on any discrepancies found during your assessment. Your customer decides whether to apply the offer as a trade-in amount toward the purchase of one of your vehicles or walk away with cash.

Step 4

With Purchase, You Get Options

After you've acquired the vehicle you have 3 days to decide whether to resell it on your lot, take it to auction, or sell the car to Autotrader for the full trade-in amount. Whatever you want, consider it done!

For Participating Dealers currently on the Program, we believe the new Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer program can provide significant benefits for your dealership, such as:

  • Strong brand recognition from The Trusted Resource, which may help increase the number of Instant Cash Offers generated and redeemed under the Program
  • Potential increased sell-for-cash and trade-in vehicles coming to your dealership, which can help improve your ability to acquire high-demand used vehicles for your inventory
  • Real offers that generate high-quality showroom traffic to your dealership, providing an opportunity to establish a relationship with consumers in your market

The process for editing Instant Cash Offers has not changed. You are still able to access, modify, and verify Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offers, as you did for Trade-In Marketplace Instant Cash Offers, utilizing the tools on this site and in accordance with the program Terms and Conditions.

Additionally, the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer is still backed to the dealer by Autotrader. If desired, Autotrader will purchase Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer vehicles at the prices specified in the relevant Offer within 3 days of the generation of the Offer, subject to the Terms and Conditions.

Dealers currently on the Program will continue to work with their Account Consultant, Product Specialist and Implementation Consultant to maximize the opportunity.

Working the Program

for Maximum Success

  • Run every trade through the Instant Cash Offer process
  • Invite the customer to be a part of the Instant Cash Offer appraisal
  • Merchandise your Official Dealer status on signage around your store
  • Prominently promote your Official Dealer status and links to the Instant Cash Offer from your online advertising and dealer website

Manage Trade-In Value Expectations by:

  • Providing a reality check on the true condition of your customer's vehicle
  • Establishing how much dealers are willing to pay for it within the current marketplace
  • Keeping inventory acquisitions at a price point that allows for reconditioning and marketing/advertising investments needed to successfully retail the vehicles on your lot

Instant Cash Offer Also Builds in an Exit Strategy for Trade-In Acquisitions by:

  • Establishing a baseline for capital inventory investment and healthier profit margins
  • Providing the options to ground the vehicle and liquidate it though traditional auctions for the full Instant Cash Offer amount, sell it to a wholesaler, or resell it on your lot
  • Mitigating risk

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