Kelley Blue Book Dealer Data Program FAQs

Kelley Blue Book Is an authorized vendor in the CDK Global Third Party Access (3PA) Program

The Kelley Blue Book DDP is an initiative designed to obtain F&I sales transaction and inventory data from our partner dealerships. KBB acquires your data and uses information specifically related to the vehicles within your primary market area.

The DLA outlines all legal terms, use cases and conditions involved with providing your data to Kelley Blue Book. No personal information is required.

A Data License Agreement must be fully executed prior to sending KBB your data. Then, you’ll work directly with the KBB Data Acquisition Team and HomeNet Automotive to complete the process.

No. Kelley Blue Book works with CDK’s Predefined Integration Point technology during the process. In addition, you approve all data that you want to share.

No further data will be retrieved from your DMS. However, Kelley Blue Book will keep the existing data.

You’ll help Kelley Blue Book acquire critical F&I sales transaction and inventory data, obtain timely and local market information and provide information used in the algorithm that powers the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor.

The installation process takes up to 10 business days.