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Dealers rely on service revenue to stay profitable. But with 71% of consumers defecting from their dealership’s service bays by the 5th year of ownership, dealers are not only losing service revenue, but also the opportunity for the consumer’s next car purchase.


of total dealership gross profit
comes from service


of consumers are likely to purchase
their next vehicle from the same dealer if
they returned for service

Kelley Blue Book® Auto Repair Guide
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As vehicles become more complex consumers are uncertain about how to care for their car and are looking for guidance on key service and repair questions, including:

What do I need to get done? How much should it cost? Where should I get it done?

Consumers rely on Kelley Blue Book as the #1 most trusted third-party automotive brand. The Kelley Blue Book Auto Repair Guide provides Featured Auto Repair Center dealers with service appointments directly from, including a seamless integration with Xtime Schedule.

Kelley Blue Book Auto Repair Guide on

Guiding consumers through their top service questions

Based on VIN, License Plate or YMM consumers can access:

  • Recalls
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Repair Estimator

Auto Repair Guide
Fair Repair Range

Kelley Blue Book Fair Repair Range

Eliminating the largest consumer barrier to dealership service revenue

The new Kelley Blue Book Fair Repair Range provides dealers a validation of their own service pricing relative to their local competitors, breaks down perceptions of dealership pricing vs independents and drives consumer confidence in getting a fair repair price.

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Connecting you to service-ready consumers who can schedule their next service appointment with Featured Auto Repair Centers directly on, featuring a seamless integration with Xtime Schedule.

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