Instant Cash Offer

How Instant Cash Offer Works

In 4 Simple Steps


Consumers Visit the Kelley Blue Book Tool Online

Car owners visit our site and fill out a detailed description of the vehicle they'd like to sell or trade. Or, your dealership staff can guide them through the process.


The Tool Generates the Offer

The customer receives an Instant Cash Offer that can be used either for a trade-in or outright sale. The offer is valid for three days. Additionally. The customer may also request to be contacted by a dealer such as yourself if he or she is interested in trading in a vehicle.


The Consumer Brings You the Offer

After you inspect the customer's trade-in vehicle at your dealership, you may accept the offer or rerun it based on any discrepancies found during your assessment. Once you and your customer agree on a price, the customer may apply the offer as a trade-in amount toward the purchase of one of your vehicles or walk away with cash.


You Decide What To Do With The Vehicle

After you've acquired the vehicle you have seven days to decide whether to resell it on your lot, take it to auction or sell the car to Autotrader for the full trade-in amount. Whatever you want, consider it done.

See the Instant Cash Offer in action

For Participating Dealers currently on the Program, we believe the new Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer program can provide significant benefits for your dealership, such as:

  • Strong brand recognition from The Trusted Resource, which may help increase the number of Instant Cash Offers generated and redeemed under the Program
  • Potential increased sell-for-cash and trade-in vehicles coming to your dealership, which can help improve your ability to acquire high-demand used vehicles for your inventory
  • Real offers that generate high-quality showroom traffic to your dealership, providing an opportunity to establish a relationship with consumers in your market

Drive Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Customers to Your Dealership Now!

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* Not all features of the Program are available in all territories.