Are You Following Best Practices For Automotive Lead Generation? 

Feb 8, 2023

As a car dealership owner/operator, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re consistently generating leads to keep your business moving and growing. This quiz will test your knowledge of best practices for automotive lead generation and help you determine where there is room for improvement. 

1. What types of marketing channels should you use to generate leads? 

A. Social media, email campaigns, website optimization, PPC advertising 

B. Referrals, trade show booths, cold calling 

C. TV commercials, word-of-mouth referrals, print advertising 

D. All of the above 

The correct answer is D – All of the above. Car dealerships should use all available marketing channels, as each offers unique advantages. When combined, they create more effective best practices for automotive lead generation strategy overall. 

Social media, email campaigns, website optimization, and PPC advertising are all excellent digital tools that help reach current customers and potential leads. These methods allow you to target specific audiences with tailored messaging that encourages engagement from those interested in a dealership’s products or services. 

Referrals are also an important source of leads for car dealerships; word-of-mouth referrals often come from trusted sources, making them more likely to convert than cold calls or other generic lead-generation efforts. Trade show booths offer yet another opportunity to interact with leads in person while showcasing product displays and amenities that may not be available on offsite locations such as your dealership’s website

Finally, TV commercials and print advertising can supplement your digital efforts by providing additional exposure for creatives without relying too much on other forms of media. Budget restrictions could limit a dealership’s growth ambitions if the investment isn’t allocated adequately across multiple channels. Ultimately it’ll be up to the dealership to determine which mix works best for their situation. 

2. How do you prioritize your lead generation efforts? 

A. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each channel 

B. Focus on your most successful channels 

C. Monitor all performances consistently 

D. All of the above 

The correct answer is D – All of the above. Prioritizing your best practices for automotive lead generation efforts requires a holistic approach that looks at multiple factors, not just one or two metrics in isolation. Start by evaluating the cost-effectiveness of each channel to determine which generates the highest ROI and is worth investing more time and resources into enhancing performance further. This could mean testing different creatives, ad types, or targeting strategies to maximize results from those channels shown to be the most successful. 

At the same time, you should also monitor all performances consistently to identify potential issues or areas of improvement quickly. This might include tracking click-through-rates, impressions/views, and other performance metrics over time to determine channels driving the most leads (and at what cost) so that corrective action can be taken if needed. 

3. How can you close more leads in your sales funnel? 

A. Give transparent pricing information 

B. Leverage Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer 

C. Use display advertising so that your promotions reach a larger audience 

D. All of the above 

The correct answer is D – All of the above. Closing more leads in a sales funnel requires car dealership owners to be strategic with their approach. They should provide transparent pricing information so that customers know exactly what they’re getting and how much it costs. Using tools like Trade-in Advisor leverages Kelley Blue Books’ real-time car valuation data to give customers an idea of what their car is worth and how much they can save if traded in. Similarly, with Instant Cash Offer, you can give customers a sense of assurance that their deal will be fair and worthwhile. Finally, leveraging display advertising to reach a larger audience with the dealership’s promotions and specials can also help attract more buyers. Utilizing these best practices for automotive lead generation tactics together can help car dealership owners close more leads in their sales funnel. 

4. What is an ideal frequency for general email campaigns? 

A. Daily 

B. Weekly 

C. Bi-weekly 

D. Monthly 

The correct answer is B – Weekly. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how frequently emails should be sent out as part of a lead generation strategy, it’s generally accepted that weekly emails are the most effective. Sending out emails too frequently can cause potential leads to become overwhelmed and may even lead them to unsubscribe, while sending them too infrequently can cause a decrease in engagement. Car dealership owners should aim to strike a balance between the two extremes to maximize the effectiveness of their email campaigns. 

In addition, car dealership owners should remember there are different types of emails they can utilize as part of their lead-generation efforts. For example, newsletters or promotional offers could be sent out every month. In contrast, more time-sensitive content, such as limited-time offers or highly sought-after vehicle lines, sending out daily messages may be warranted to maximize your reach campaign. By utilizing multiple types of emails, car dealership owners can ensure they’re following best practices for automotive lead generation and maximizing engagement with their potential leads. 

5. What is the most vital metric to track to ensure a successful campaign? 

A. Number of website visits 

B. Amount of money invested in marketing materials 

C. Conversion rate 

D. Customer lifetime value 

The correct answer is C – Conversion rate. Tracking the conversion rate (the number of leads that convert into paying customers over time) is one of the most critical metrics for lead generation campaigns. Car dealership owners should measure their conversion rates regularly and identify areas where improvements can be made to maximize their chances of success. This can include optimizing website design and content, refining the sales process, and targeting the right audience. By tracking conversion rates, car dealership owners ensure they’re following best practices for automotive lead generation, necessary steps to improve their long-term ROI. 

6. How can you use landing pages to generate leads?

A. Create a page specifically for collecting contact information 

B. Utilize specific keywords and phrases that appeal to your target audience 

C. Offer something of value, such as an eBook or discount code 

D. All of the above 

The correct answer is D – All of the above. Landing pages are an excellent way for car dealership owners to generate qualified leads. They should create landing pages designed to collect prospective customers’ contact information and utilize specific keywords and phrases that appeal to their target audience. Additionally, offering value on the landing page, such as an eBook or discount code, can entice potential customers to provide their contact details. 


Lead generation is a critical part of any car dealership’s success. By leveraging the power of neuroscience sales tips and following best practices for automotive lead generation, such as utilizing landing pages with dynamic content and tracking conversion rates, car dealerships can maximize their chances of converting leads into paying customers. It’s essential to follow up with each lead promptly and express gratitude for completing a form on your website. If you want to generate more qualified leads and increase long-term ROI, staying informed about new strategies that effectively drive conversions pays off big time.