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Acquire inventory directly from consumers to own more cars for less

Integrate Instant Cash Offer with your vAuto Provision and lower your cost to market

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer integrates seamlessly with vAuto Provision® to help you acquire the inventory you need directly from consumers while improving your cost to market.

Unlike traditional sourcing, acquiring inventory directly from consumers means you don’t lose gross to auction and transportation fees, risk brining on a slow mover, or give up valuable time and resource at auctions.

Average results for top 20% performing Provision and ICO clients with LTB improvement and at least 10% of inventory resulting from ICO. Provision and ICO internal data pulled on 6/3/2021
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Value Opportunity Calculator

Estimate how much gross you can generate each month with Instant Cash Offer + vAuto.

Current With Instant Cash Offer
Vehicles Appraised Per Month {{ico_vehicles_appraised_per_month | round}}
Vehicles Won Per Month {{ico_vehicles_won_per_month | round}}
Look to Book (Trade Win %) {{ico_look_to_book_percent}}*
Average Cost to Market
Average Cost of Unit
${{ico_average_cost_of_unit | round}}
Average Unit Sales Per Month {{ico_average_unit_sales_per_month | round}}
Average Price to Market
Gross Per Opportunity ${{ico_gross_per_opportunity | round}}
Estimated Monthly Total Value Opportunity with Instant Cash Offer
${{ico_total_value_opportunity | round}}

*Averages based on vehicles in Provision with Instant Cash Offer compared to Provision without Instant Cash Offer; vAuto data Sept 2020-Feb 2021.

How Instant Cash Offer works

Step One

Customers visit the Instant Cash Offer tool online

Step Two

Instant Cash Offer tool generates the offer

Step Three

The customer brings you the offer

Step Four

You decide what to do with the vehicle

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