Why KBB.com?

The power of Kelley Blue Book

For generations, Kelley Blue Book has been the industry-standard for trust and transparency providing vehicle valuations, expert ratings and reviews, and editorial content relied upon by consumers, automotive dealers and manufacturers.

1926 Kelley Blue Book® published in 1926
1942 The government uses Blue Book Values to set price ceilings on used cars
1961 Kelley Blue Book® becomes the first publication to use mileage to determine a vehicle’s value
1995 Kelley Blue Book® launches KBB.com
2010 Kelley Blue Book® goes mobile
2014 Fair Market Price Range introduced, helping car buyers and sellers make smart decisions

Industry experts

Kelley Blue Book uses predictive analytics, and industry and field analysis to review trends and provide the most current, market-reflective information. We utilize 250+ data sources with 3.0 trillion data points to provide objective, data-driven information that inspires consumer confidence and peace of mind.

Leaders in innovation

By continually innovating, testing and optimizing we transform the car shopping experience, delivering the intuitive tools consumers and dealers need to make confident decisions. Kelley Blue Book provides the car shopping experience today’s consumers demand while removing key pain points from the shopping process.

KBB.com is the trusted resource of active and engaged car shoppers

Kelley Blue Book reaches almost 7 in 10 of all online car buyers actively in market ready to engage your brand.

18 million unique shoppers each month

35 million

unique shoppers

each month?


third-party site

to research vehicle pricing?

#1 third party site

40 million

unique pricing reports

generated each month?

40 million unique pricing reports

Car shoppers name KBB.COM as the best resource for key shopping activities?

Research vehicle pricing
Research vehicle pricing
Research vehicle brands
Research vehicle brands
Compare makes and models
Compare makes & models
Find value of current vehicle
Find value of current vehicle
Read ratings and reviews
Read ratings and reviews
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Kelley Blue Book is a proud member of the Cox Automotive family giving us more data and more resources to drive results for both consumers and our clients. Together our connected brands provide a comprehensive set of products and services that enable the smart, connected and enjoyable experience all car buyers and sellers expect.