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The goal of our consumer campaign is to show consumers that is here to be their guide. Kelley Blue Book pricing tools, valuations and editorial content can bring clarity to any question they may have. Determining the right car can be a little blurry at times, but by using, the answer is clear. This is just another way that Kelley Blue Book helps dealers by aligning both shopper and dealer expectations when it comes to buying or selling a car.

The new campaign will be promoted across TV, digital video and social media. Our commercials will be seen across 30+ cable networks including ESPN, Food Network, FX, TBS, USA, A&E and History. We’ll also have unskippable Hulu ads as well as a full suite of social executions across Facebook and Instagram.

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Our robust media campaign will drive more traffic than ever before.
TV and Radio placements will connect you with millions of in-market car shoppers.

Reaching nearly 120 Million adults in the U.S.

9 out of 10 adults in the U.S. will see our commercials

Adults will see our commercials more than 24 times

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