Kelley Blue Book Certified Value Report

Kelley Blue Book® Values from a historical point in time

Occasionally, our clients request the value of a specific vehicle at a particular date in history. The Kelley Blue Book® Certified Value Report will provide the Lending & Suggested Retail Value of the vehicle of interest, certified by Kelley Blue Book. The report includes certified copies of the relevant pages from the Kelley Blue Book Official Guide for Used Cars, including values for mileage and accessories.

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The fee for this service is $35 per report. To request a Certified Value Report, please contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 258-2005, selecting option 1, then option 2. Once an order is placed there is an approximate 2-5 business day turnaround time.
The hours of operation are 10am-7pm, Monday – Saturday, Eastern time. Please give them a call when it is most convenient for you.