Why KBB.com?

21.9 million
Unique Visitors Every Month
KBB.com Site Data. Monthly average 2015

Take Advantage of the Power and Reach of the KBB.com Brand

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A Powerful In-Market Audience

KBB.com is the most used third-party site among new vehicle buyers1

over 1/2 of all
car shoppers2

(66% of car buyers use KBB.com)

1. 2015 IHS Automotive Buyer Influence Study, in partnership with Autotrader. US Buyers.
2. 2016 Car Buyer Journey Study, IHS Automotive.


among car shoppers

Source: Consumer Brand Tracker, Ipsos, Q4 2015


third-party automotive site

Source: 2016 Car Buyer Journey Study, IHS Automotive

Kelley Blue Book is the Most Searched
Auto Brand on Google!

Source: Google Insights, http://www.google.com/trends/ Annual Search Terms for Vehicle Shopping (2015 YTD is Jan – July). Note: spellings are auto-corrected effective 2012

Active & Engaged Shoppers

KBB.com is one of the top resources buyers use during the shopping process. Our audience is actively in-market, determining what their current car is worth, what cars best meet their needs and what they should pay for their next car.

669 Million

car values provided in 2015
(includes both desktop and mobile)

Source: Omniture Site Data, May 2016

27.4 Million

visitors are validating pricing

12.5 Million

visitors are determining which cars meet their needs

1.6 Million

visitors are shopping for cars

KBB.com Site Data, Monthly Average Q1 2016.