vAuto Podcast: Straight from the Source: A Recipe to Drive Social Media Success at Your Store

Apr 22, 2022

In this vAuto podcast, Dominick Gagliano, Social Media Director and Sales Manager at Lexus of Las Vegas, joins host Micah Tindor, Senior Director for Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, to discuss the playbook Dominick uses to execute a successful social media strategy for his dealership (@lexusoflasvegas on Facebook and Instagram). Dominick shares how he selects, pays and equips “social media ambassadors” to create sales- and service-oriented content that drives customer engagement and sales. Dominick addresses how he coaches and monitors ambassadors to ensure they consistently promote and protect the dealership’s brand, and how their efforts improve in-store culture and produce popular posts (like the weekly Coffee Run segments) that drive new business. The episode’s a must-listen for dealers and teams looking to sharpen their social media strategy and more effectively connect with customers.