Kelley Blue Book®
Trusted Advisor Program

Get the power of Kelley Blue Book in every car

Kelley Blue Book’s Trusted Advisor Program sets you apart from competitors on and Autotrader, drives consumer confidence on your dealership website, and brings the power of Kelley Blue Book to your showroom.

Key Benefits

  • Establishes transparent vehicle pricing for every vehicle on your lot.
  • Eases price negotiations between you and every consumer.
  • Creates an overall more enjoyable and trusted experience online and in-store.
Product Features
Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor (New & Used / CPO)
Marketing Capability (online & offline)
Price Advisor Report Editorial Content & Awards
Dealer Differentiator ( & Autotrader)
Inventory Analysis Report
Dealer Training (online & in-store)
Complimentary POS Welcome Kit
Marketing Assets Web Portal
Implementation Consultant

An active, separate subscription to one or more of the following products is required to participate in the Trusted Advisor Program: LeadDriver, Trade-in Advisor, Instant Cash Offer or a qualified Cox Digital Retailing product.

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Take the friction out of new and used-car price negotiations and start selling more cars to transaction-ready consumers with the Trusted Advisor Program.