Join NADA Show 2022

Feb 17, 2022

Are you looking to join the most anticipated auto show of 2022? Look no further! NADA Show is the place for you. Held every year, this event brings together dealers, suppliers, and many other industry professionals under one roof. With thousands of attendees and more than 550 participating companies, NADA Show is the perfect place to learn about the latest industry trends, make new connections, and get inspired. It’s hosted by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and set to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 10–13, 2022. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the automotive industry curve, you need to be at NADA Show 2022. This article will give you a sneak peek of what to expect at the show. 

What is NADA Show? 

This event is one of the largest gatherings of dealers, suppliers, and other industry professionals in North America. Among the attractions at NADA Show, Kelley Blue Book is excited to once again be an exhibitor at the show. As a leading authority on automotive values and trends, Kelley Blue Book will offer live demonstrations of its industry-leading tools and services. 

Registration is now open 

If you’re planning on attending NADA Show 2022, make sure to register now. Registration rates start at around $580 and may differ depending on your role in the automotive industry. 

What to expect at NADA Show 2022 

Now that you know what NADA Show 2022 is and when it’s taking place, let’s look at some of the things you can expect. 

One of the biggest attractions of the NADA Show is the exhibit hall. This year, over 550 companies will participate in the show, so there will be plenty of products and services to check out. In addition, there will be several keynote speeches and panel discussions from industry leaders covering topics like dealerships of the future, sales and marketing strategies, and more. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this is the place to find it. 

NADA Show 2022 is a jam-packed event with something for everyone. Here are just a few of the things you can expect: 

Keynote speeches from industry leaders - Get insights from some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. 

The exhibit hall - Check out the latest products and services from 550+ companies. 

Networking events - Get to know your fellow dealers and suppliers in a more informal setting. 

Lab sessions – Catch short 20-minute TED-style talks on the latest industry trends. 

Dealer franchise meetings - Meet with the franchisors of your choice to learn more about their dealership models. 

Who should attend? 

Many different people attend NADA Show 2022, but it’s especially beneficial for the following groups: 

DealersDealers are always looking for new products and services to offer their customers, and NADA Show is the perfect place to find them. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with other dealers and learn from their experiences. 

SuppliersSuppliers can expect to meet potential buyers from all over North America at NADA Show. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your latest products and services, build relationships with dealers, and get feedback on your offerings. 

Service providers – If you’re a service provider, NADA Show is the place to be. This is your chance to connect with dealers and learn about their needs. You can also promote your services and build relationships that lead to future business opportunities. 

General management – If you’re in a general management position, NADA Show is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the automotive industry. You can also network with other professionals and gain insight into how dealers operate. 

Marketing and sales – If you’re in marketing or sales, NADA Show is where you want to be. This is your chance to learn about the latest strategies and tactics working for dealers. You can also meet potential clients and partners at the show. 

Finance and insurance professionalsFinance and insurance are two critical aspects of the automotive industry. If you’re in this field and have financial instruments or products that you want to promote, consider getting a booth at the show. 

Digital professionals – If you’re in digital media, NADA Show can put you in front of those you need to meet. Content creation, social media, and website design are essential aspects of automotive marketing. You can either learn from the experts at NADA Show or show off your skills to potential clients. 

Body shop professionals – If you’re in the body shop business, NADA Show is an excellent opportunity to meet with suppliers and discuss potential partnerships. 

Exhibitors you will find at the show 

There are many different kinds of exhibitors at the NADA Show 2022. Some exhibitors at the show include: 

Cox Automotive 

Cox Automotive is a leading provider of automotive services and products. They offer a variety of solutions for dealers, including advertising, software, and inventory management. 

What Cox Automotive offers: 

Marketing: Cox Automotive provides various marketing solutions, including digital marketing, SEO, and more. Cox provides a proprietary data platform that gives dealers access to rich customer data. They also offer the opportunity to build a digital showroom that can be used to increase leads and sales. 

Software: Cox Automotive offers a suite of software products that help dealers manage their operations more efficiently. This includes a CRM and DMS. A CRM allows dealers to manage customer relationships, while a DMS helps dealers manage their inventory. 

Sales services: Cox Automotive also offers sales services to dealers. This includes eCommerce solutions, digital retailing, and more. With these services, dealers can quickly sell their products and services online. 

Kelley Blue Book 

For generations, Kelley Blue Book has been the industry-standard for trust and transparency providing vehicle valuations, expert ratings and reviews and editorial content.  

What Kelley Blue Book offers: 

Inventory acquisition: Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer allows dealers to acquire more inventory by buying cars from consumers. This gives dealers access to more vehicles without going through an auction or other selling process. Sellers need to input information about their car on Kelley Blue Book’s website, and they will get an offer for the car. 

Improve your bottom line: Kelley Blue Book’s online inventory solutions like Trade-In Advisor help dealers improve their bottom line. Kelley Blue Book offers a variety of pricing tools that allow dealers to get the best prices for their vehicles. 

More leads: Kelley Blue Book’s solutions also help dealers reach more leads. Use tools like LeadDriver to capture more lead information and increase your sales pipeline. In addition, you can also enhance your vehicle listings with more information, photos, and prices to be more transparent and attract more buyers. 

How to get the most out of your experience at the show 

Attend the right sessions: When you attend a trade show, it’s essential to participate in the relevant sessions for your business. At NADA Show 2022, there are a variety of sessions that will help you learn about new technologies, trends, and best practices. A list of the daily speakers can be found here. 

Network with other exhibitors: Another great way to get the most out of your experience is to network with other exhibitors. This allows you to exchange ideas and learn from each other. You can also find potential partners and clients at the show. A list of the exhibitors can be found here. 

Lab sessions: If you’re looking to learn more about a specific topic, consider attending one of the lab sessions. These sessions act as 20 minute TED talk-style presentations that will help you learn about various topics. A list of the lab sessions can be found here. 


NADA Show 2022 is the perfect place to learn about new technologies, trends, and best practices in the automotive industry. Make sure to attend the proper sessions and network with other exhibitors to get the most out of your experience. It’s essential to have a goal for the show and be prepared before you attend. There are hundreds of exhibitors and many speaking events you may miss if you don’t plan. 

The Kelley Blue Book booth is always a popular stop for attendees at NADA Show 2022. This year, they are focusing on online inventory solutions that will help dealers improve their bottom line. Schedule a demo here to learn more about the Kelley Blue Book platform before the show.