• Take the friction out of pricing talks.

    Give your customers a smooth trade-in experience.
  • Give shoppers your
    best offer.

    Win over shoppers – and their cars –
    with trusted offers.
  • Connect with shoppers on their time.

    Earn their trust and win their vehicles
    with a transparent offer.
  • Bring transparency to every vehicle valuation.

    Gain shoppers’ confidence with an offer they trust.
When dealers and shoppers trust an appraisal, it takes the friction out of the pricing conversation.

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer connects you directly to transaction-ready shoppers on KBB.com and Autotrader. Then, it gives you a consistent process to deliver transparent offers. With a value you both can trust, you don’t just gain vehicles—you win customers.

Build trust in your dealership

Kelley Blue Book® is the #1 most used third-party automotive site to research and shop online.*

Kelley Blue Book® products and tools reach nearly 7 in 10 online shoppers.*

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer is the #1 most used tool for consumers to dispose of their vehicle.*

*Source: 2022 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey

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How Instant Cash Offer works

car shopper on computer

Step 1: Consumers visit the Instant Cash Offer tool online

Car owners fill out a detailed description of the vehicle they’d like to sell or trade on Autotrader, KBB.com or your dealership website. Your dealership staff can also guide them through this process in your showroom.

consumer looking at their Instant Cash Offer vehicle value on KBB.com

Step 2: Instant Cash Offer tool generates the offer

The car owner receives an Instant Cash Offer to be used for trade-in or outright sale. The offer is valid for seven days.

two car buyers and a dealership salesperson in an Instant Cash Offer dealership showroom

Step 3: The customer brings you the offer

Once you have confirmed the vehicle information, the customer can apply the offer toward another vehicle or sell the vehicle outright.

Step 4: You decide what to do with the vehicle

After you’ve acquired the vehicle, you have seven days to decide whether to resell it on your lot or sell it to Cox Automotive for the full offer amount. You choose!

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Access insights to know how likely a consumer is to dispose of their vehicle.

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Keep shoppers with offers engaged with automated emails.


NEW! Service Drive Acquisition

Source quality inventory from customers coming through your service lane.

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Dealer Boost:

Increase the offer amount on select vehicles to close more deals.

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