Win more cars
with less friction.

Your customers want a smooth trade-in experience. You want a smooth pricing conversation. See how trusted offers mean you both win.

Acquire cars from customers using
Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer

Connect with shoppers ready to sell or trade in their vehicles. Then, give them a trusted, transparent offer from Kelley Blue Book®.

With an appraisal from the brand you and your customers both trust, you have an easier time agreeing on what their car is worth. They get an offer they believe in and you get a pricing conversation without all the usual friction.

So you don’t just gain vehicles – you win customers.

Find more acquisition and sales opportunities.

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Why it pays to build trust in your dealership

Kelley Blue Book® is consumers’ #1 most-used third-party automotive site to research and shop online.1
55% of all trade-ins to a dealer received a Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer. 2
Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer dealers average a 3.2% lower cost to market on vehicles acquired directly from consumers. 3
1 2022 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey
2 Total trade-in figures based on collective data estimates from Experian, Polk and Cox Automotive industry statistics.
3 Average Instant Cash Offer Margin % vs. non-Instant Cash Offer Margin % across all dealers with vAuto inventory from Oct 2022-Sept 2023.

Start with a core product to strengthen your strategy

Put a process in place with Expert Appraisal

Give customers a trusted offer whether they’re on your website, in your showroom or in your service lanes.

Keep growing to become a Buying Center

Go beyond what Expert Appraisal offers and connect with transaction-ready shoppers on and Autotrader.

Enhance your acquisition efforts with additional features

Service Drive Acquisition

Acquire quality used vehicle inventory directly from your service lane customers while increasing their loyalty to your dealership.

See how it works

Buying Signals Plus

Gain insight into your car shoppers’ buying and selling timelines and even see their shopping preferences for a replacement vehicle.

See how it works


Bring expired offers back to life with automated follow-up communications that keep customers engaged without tying up your staff.

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Dealer Boost

Make your original offer more competitive by adding money to it and increasing your likelihood of winning their vehicle.

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See greater profits with connected solutions

Streamline workflows by bringing your acquisition strategy together with your used vehicle inventory management. Use Instant Cash Offer along with ProfitTime GPS to buy the right cars at the right price to optimize the unique ROI of every vehicle.

Take in every customer’s car without risking a loss. Start with a trusted appraisal from Instant Cash Offer. Use Upside to wholesale any vehicle that doesn’t fit your retail strategy and gets a guaranteed minimum price.

To pencil a great deal online, it’s critical to hae a trade-in amount the customer feels good about. Instant Cash Offer integrates with Accelerate My deal to provide a trusted, redeemable offer that helps your customers move forward confidently in the car buying process

Resources to improve your acquisition strategy

Where could you be missing acquisition and sales opportunities?

Sit down with a product specialist to find out how to make sure inventory wins stop slipping through your fingers.